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Wolf WY Wolf #1 [Free] ✓ A.F. Henley

Here With Me (Together eEd this one I was captivated by theyes staring at me from the cover and curious about a title that was a city and state I checked the blurb Again sounded like my kind of story So I was good to go Paranormal stories particularly those involving shifters can be all over the place for me I love them but they generally hit the shallow Double Deception (Code Name: Danger end of the pool for me relying hard on the heat in the romance or the action instead of developing the tone and setting to create an atmosphere that feels paranormal I m not sure if I mxplaining myself well Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, enough to be understood This story felt genuine and authentic instead of contrived If a guy was to uncover the fact that others live alongside the humans this is how I wouldxpect it to come about and how he would reactThe story opens when Randy moves from big city Washington DC to the sticks of Wolf WY He made a uick arbitrary decision He needed to get away from his lying cheating Grave Tattoo ex fiance his stifling life as a long hours high pressure lawyer and he needed time to reassess away from his controlling mother It was like moving to another planet And the locals want nothing to do with the newcomer mostspecially his own next door neighborsRandy has this cozy day dream of living in a nice neighborhood talking over the fence participating in Halloween candy giving and Georgia and the Tycoon enjoying the peace and harmony of the country But then he meets his standoffish unfriendly neighbor Vaughn O Connell Vaughn is a widower with three kids His oldest isighteen and his other two are in grade school The family ignore all attempts at friendly waves hellos or Churchills Trial evenye contact What gives Randy bristles from the treatment and so is ready to A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries explode when he catches the drool worthy Vaughn and his oldest in his yard cutting down one of his treesThey have their say and he naturally has his He can out snark and out argue the best of them But the bottom line is they think he s a helpless city guy who will screw up often and force them to have to pull him out of difficulties before heventually Lakeside Redemption either goes back to where he s from or dies fromxposure Randy has full intentions of proving Vaughn wrong but unfortunately he does prove rather inept when it comes to winterizing his vehicle to generators to the wolves and to ven knowing to wear the right clothes for the cold And then there are the odd moments of weirdness about that family Randy can t uite figure it out Lyle seems to be on some kick of proving himself by showing an interest in Randy because his dad Vaughn doesn t approve And Vaughn s behavior around Randy are confusing at bestRandy is learning that life in the country certainly isn t dull and there is definitely the possibility of something with the irascible Vaughn but then the secret of Wolf WY is revealed in the most shocking waySo this one was a gently paced WY is revealed in the most shocking waySo this one was a gently paced that had nuances and subtlety to it It ased the reader into Randy s life Randy is the sole narrator He s a fascinating individual I didn t like him much but I Second Time Loving enjoyedxperiencing his story I don t think I was meant to like him to tell the truth He comes with xpectations assumptions a chip on his shoulder and a truckload of attitude The reader can see that while Randy is busy judging and assuming about his neighbors that he misses the fact that he s no paragon of virtue He s offended because Vaughn worries about the new neighbor watching his kids and warns him off but then turns around and worries that Vaughn is an abusive parent Later there is a moment where Vaughn tries to tell Randy that he needs space to deal with some issues Lyle is going through Randy jumps down his throat with a gay rant and how Vaughn needs to accept his son It s not always about your trigger issues Randy my man SighThe pair of them were both pretty crotchety cranky sorts Maybe that s why I had fun watching the hostilities slowly morph into something lse The story takes place over several months and Vaughn s hesitations and slow advances leave Randy off balance and unsure Randy is slowly figuring out country living and slowly getting through to Vaughn and making friends with Vaughn s children Dark Awakening even if he has to be careful with the oddly volatile LyleThe big reveal of Vaughn s secrets was the high point and moment of crisis in the story Injoyed how it came about and the fall out Emotions and reactions were genuine to the characters and situation Doesn t mean that I didn t think Randy was a putz for snarling At Vaughn S Kids Vaughn s kids way he did while he was in a moment but it was an Hawks Way (Hawks Way example of things getting realAnother twist comes after that and I loved it because it came out of nowhere but made senseI m glad to see this one is part of a series Not sure who gets their story next since this one is very isolated to mostly Randy Vaughn and the kids with maybe four other charactersven mentioned far in the background Getting Lyle "S Story Would Be "story would be in all I found the story something refreshing in the way the characters were portrayed along with the paranormal tone I would recommend it to those who Family Men enjoy MM Paranormal RomanceI received this book inxchange for an honest review What I love about Henley s writing is his ability to make me laugh Or cry Depending on the scene of course Wolf WY did not make me cry but it did make me A misunderstanding brings Randy face to face with both Vaughn and his Creative Participation eighteen year old son Lyle Randy's not sure what to feel aboutither of them But things are not what they appear in Wolf and the closer Randy gets the stranger the O'Connell family seem. ,

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I received this book as an ARC though NetGalley in Sabina Spielrein exchange for an honest reviewI reallynjoyed this book I found the characters to be interesting and well developed I liked Randy very much He was far from a perfect character and I really Cognitive Radio Networks enjoyed seeing him grow over the course of the story I took a little while longer to warm up to Vaughn He came across as than a bit of a controlling jerk at first but I learned to see beyond that and it helped that Randy never let Vaughn push him too far and he wasn t afraid to push backither I liked the different take on werewolves and it was interesting seeing the challenges of Vaughn and Lyle s relationship and how Randy s presence played into that I liked that Randy was far from a pawn and he was able to stand for himself and didn t need anyone to save him I liked the secondary cast Vaughn s kids were cute but not obnoxiously so I really Personnel Management in Government enjoyed Randy s dad as well and how much he supported Randy It was nice to see the father as the nurturing one for a change The plot was well paced and interesting I liked how the relationship developed at a natural pace and there was no real talk of destined mates or anything silly like that I m really looking forward to reading That was differentAt times I worried about the direction it was going in but it never went thereand I kept readingEdited to add I didnjoy the book a lot and it was well written What a uniue shifter book Wolf Wy approaches shifters in a fresh way that wasn t about instalove and mine but focused on the human implications of being a shifter This story was less about the romance between Randy and Vaughn and about Vaughn and Lyle navigating pack dynamics Randy going through a midlife crisis and then making a home in his new world And of course how a normal human deals when that which is seen cannot be unseen I would have liked a little romance some positive interactions between our boys The first half of the book seemed to drag a little bit almost too much building Side note I loved the fact that Randy s parents were not the stereotypical 50s people in that Mom was a driven judge and Dad seemed to be the stay at home parent and nurturing It struck me because their roles struck me while reading them that this is so unusual to read in these books although it s common now in real life and certainly in mine In sum I Out of This World enjoyed this story a lot I will definitely read the next one I love a good wolf shifter book and I definitelynjoyed this one Randy is my kind of character Sarcastic and sassy I loved his inner dialogue He was by far my favorite character It took me awhile to warm up to V 425 stars Really njoyed this one I liked the descriptive writing style the wintery setting I liked how Randy s loneliness and isolation was portrayed I liked the slow burn and the sex scenes only about 3 of them I think And I liked the werewolf mythology Hopefully this is the start of some great new shifter romance discoveries in 2016 I really liked this book a lot I hadn t read this author before so I had no idea going in what this would be like When I hear the words shifter or werewolf I think of the traditional alpha Me Tarzan You Jane or John I guess type of story This wasn t like that at all and that is very good imo The story is told from Randy s pov He has recently moving to Wolf WY in search of a fresh start and a new life He knows going in the town is very small but he s not really prepared for the uiet and the isolation the only neighbors he has are the The only neighbors he has are the next door and his three children For some reason Randy can not figure out the man seems to dislike him on principle With some major ffort on Randy s part the two start talking but things are not at all simple There were uite a few things I liked about this book First of all the author does a great job setting the atmosphere I could see it so well I felt like I was right there with Randy alone in this cold isolated world I loved how we get a point of view from the wolf And since this is not a traditional shifter story the wolf doesn t think like a human It was hauntingly done I liked that this was a uniue plot and it all worked for me The overall story the romance the relationships they way Randy reacts to things It all seemed realisticSooverall a really good book I am going to be checking out work from this author asap and this is a definite recommend review copy provided through Netgally A Hearts On Fire Review FOUR HEARTS You don t don t know anything about Wolf and you don t know anything about her people You breeze in and you use us all up until you re happy with yourself again and then you ll run back to the city and live happily The Child of the Soul and Other Stories ever after Andveryone here in Wolf has to go on until the next city brat shows up and tries to do it again Things are different here Shield Wolf You re ither part of the pack or you re not Wolf You re ither part of the pack or You Re Not Took A Breath And Then Drained His re not took a breath and then drained his And you re not Ex lawyer Randy has run to Wolf Wyoming to lick his wounds left from his cheating lover He s a city boy through and through and winter s coming His hunky but standoffish neighbor Vaughn and his ually hot barely legal teenage son Lyle are locals and don t seem to take too kindly to city folknamely Randy And mouthy Randy can t fathom why But he doesn t need them. There's nothing like a fresh start and for Randy still nursing wounds left by a cheating x and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate Wolf Wyoming seems like the perfect place to start over Secluded uiet and self sufficient Wolf is bound to no. Until he does because he knows nothing about living in the woods in the middle of nowhere specially with the wicked snowstorms and wildlife that seems to be friendlyThe premise It was different I can t say I ve read a shifter book like this before It reminded me of those shifter television shows of the mid 2000 s And I read a lot of shifter fan fiction so let s just say I ve read a lot of different types of premises This one was pretty cool We get a sort of triangle a little stalking shifter mythos great setting imagery I don t think all of the characters were described in full namely Randy since he was mainly narrating the novel but I could picture the starkness the coldThis was my first AF Henley And it will not be my last I liked a lot of it And good outweighed the not as good Solid book is solid And sexy I wasn t xpecting the sexy so when it crept up in there I was pleasantly surprised Especially the bout of dirty talk from a certain shifter I wish it happenedponders oh wait it did grins That s how I like my shifters to beWhy this was a solid read and why I m so there for book 2The snark I m a girl who loves the words and will give props to authors who sling them interestingly Gods and Heroes enough This author was funny and snarky So what The story starts off with a lonely man in his lonely house with just his mysterious antisocial neighbors for barely any company This guy is talking to the coffeepot The coffeepot And it was interesting The author kept the pace up for the most part Maybe the author s humor and my humor are in accord but damn did I laugh out loud at some of Randy s inner thoughtsThe slow burnpacing I think it help set the tone and lent to thentire feel of the story I think readers who prefer the main characters to be Science, Technology and Culture extremely overt sexual or dramatized to bentertained might not No Beast So Fierce enjoy this book This book seems slow at first grins But it s not at all Each chapter begins with wolf s thoughts then we cut to Randy andach month he s made it in Wolf WY We get to learn this fictional town through his yes learn his neighbors through his yes while the reader gets to be one step ahead with knowing the paranormal secret but not all of the components The first third of the book didn t seem to have a direction but once it started to fall into place and went where I wanted it to go I was all in The story comes into its own around the halfway markThe main charactersplot I love gruff characters okay I love when they can t speak can t share their feelings Some might say they re an asshole but guess what I happen to be fluent And if you pair said asshole with a chatty love interest aka total opposites and give me a
uncomfortable moments wiggles Let s say I can t stop the grins from forming Their talks were great I Enjoyed The Pacing enjoyed the pacing their relationship There was an Last Chance Bride ease and it read believableIssues The last 10% ifverything remained local or contained I think I might ve gave it an Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy extra half heart I d have rather read about thevents instead of reading what the main characters are getting from second hand news Lawman Lover (Outlaws, especially as this drove the plot along for a major part of the story Alsosomething felt rushed or unfinished I don t know if it is because this is the first of a series I think for the love interests in this novel their story is done If the next book features them again I don t know what could be told about them When I rate I like to reflect look back at my notes and think about the chemistry the couple had This book s couple was solid but far from perfect And thending which skyrocketed from slow burner into really interesting might ve overshadowed them for part of the last 10% The O Connell kids the last two I believe they re under ten Up until around 80% or so they were adorable And thenthey started acting like little mini adults And when they went back to being mini humans with childlike thoughts after speaking like adults and City Girl in Training even cursing I don t like kids saying bad words Sue meI hope for from two characters both of whom were secondary Arias and the remaining O Connell I think there were interesting characteristics to give them their own stories separately of courseGreat start to a promising paranormal series I think readers who are looking for different might want to check this out There can only be so many different werewolf books out there They all start to meld togetherThis one won t 325 starsRandy moves from the city to a small town Wolf Wyoming He hopes to find some peace and uiet there and perhaps some friendly people What he gets is peace and uiet but no friendly peopleHis neighbors Vaughn and his 3 kids are just plain rude to him He doesn t get what s going on with them and why Vaughn seems interested in him but pushes him away at the same timeFor the first half of this book Vaugn is such an ass I truly hated him and wanted him to just go away But when he grew on Randy he kind of grew on me tooOf course it was clear to me what was going on with Vaughn and his family from the start but I liked the little twist with the 18 year old son Lyle For most of this book I was kind of rooting for Randy to please get it on with both Vaughn and his son Lyle That would have been SO HOTWe got some shifters some action some smexy times and a nice romance Yep Injoy. T only inspire but to bring Randy the peace he needs The view's not bad ither Vaughn O'Connell and his family are Randy's only neighbors for miles and while Randy knows it's somewhat unlikely that a man with three kids is gay it doesn't hurt to look When. Wolf WY Wolf #1

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