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The Unthinkable

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I am admittedly very interested in isasters and their aftermath I have been ever since I was a girl I remember reading about The Titanic with fascination I was obsessed with Pompeii for a while Earthuakes tsunamis floods all of it Maybe it s because when I was young My Town Flooded For Several town flooded for several our basement filling with water and my ad away all ay filling sandbags as the streets flowed like a river I on t know But I ve always had a healthy fear of and fascination with what happens when things go wrongWhen a friend recommended this book to me I checked it out from the library right away and I m glad I id Ripley s writing style is both informative citing studies and interviewing researchers in the field of human stress and behavior as well as casual in tone She interviews Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, disaster survivors from 9 11 fires active shooting situations and plane crashes giving insight into theifferent types of reactions that one can have when confronted with an extremely stressful situation We learn about the three phases of a human s Born Fighting disaster response and how to help ourselveso a little better to ensure that we are likely to be safe I found it fascinating I wanted to bring up some of the ideas with people I talk to as well as apply some of her thoughts into my own life It s straightforward and frightening sometimes but isn t trying to be scary it s trying It s straightforward and frightening sometimes but isn t trying to be scary it s trying inform and change behavior Highly recommended for anyone who wants to feel confident about how to keep themselves safe in those once in a lifetime situations I hate to fly but if I want to see my oldest son who lives 1700 miles away I pretty much have to When I was four months pregnant with this son I was on a flight that had a fire in the cabin shortly after takeoff so the pilot told us we needed to assume the crash position return to the airport land on a runway surrounded by fire trucks and exit using the wing evacuation slides Everything turned out fine but it was pretty Dr. Simon Forman darn scary at the time I ve been terrified to fly ever since asking myoctor for four Xanax four times a year when I had to fly She has become less willing to prescribe them so now I just have a Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside drink before boarding When I saw this book at the library even the title made my heart pound but Iecided to check it out and face my fear Instead of being scary I found this book to be interesting informative empowering and a positive look at how people react when faced with a A Wartime Nurse disaster I hope I never have to learn what myisaster personality how you respond in a crisis would be if I was in the middle of a real Split disaster but this book has given me a lot to think about and at least listen to the safety presentation before takeoff identify the plane exits as instructed and learn where the fire exits are when I check into a hotel I m still afraid to fly but after reading The Unthinkable I can recognize that as an emotional response and move beyond it by planning preparation practicing and executing my plan It s a fine line between telling yourself that the chances of aisaster happening to you or a loved one are slim and expecting isasters around every corner but The Unthinkable provides an educational logical and positive approach to "risk fear and isaster planning a couple months "fear and Sword of Honour Second To None disaster planning A couple months my place of employment sent me to a Readiness Conference I fan girled out listening to Dr Kevin Menes talk about his experience in the emergencyepartment responding to. It lurks in the corner of our imagination almost beyond our ability to see it the possibility that a tear in the fabric of life could open up without warning upending a house a skyscraper or a civilization Today nine out of ten Americans live in places at significant risk of earthuakes hurricanes tornadoes terrorism or other The Extra Cadaver Murder disasters Tomorrow some of us will have to make split second choices to save ourselves and our families How will we react What will it feel like Will we be heroes or victims Will our upbringing our gender our personality–anything we’ve ever learned thought orreamed of–ultimately matter    Amanda Ripley an award winning journalist for Time magazine who has covered some of the most Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 devastatingisasters of our age se. .

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Somewhere Everyone should read this book Besides being filled with utterly fascinating tales of how ifferent people react uring Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society disastersid you know panic is actually an extremely rare response it gives very helpful ideasplans for how to prepare yourself mentally for being involved in one This is the type of book you re always reading bits aloud to whoever happens to be in the room I cannot stress how terrific and interesting it isjust knowing the most common reasons people Um Fogo Eterno die inisasters could save you because these reasons are not at all what you re most common reasons people Lawn Boy Returns die inisasters could save you because these reasons are not at all what you re believed Storytelling is essential to survival It s what turns preparation into ritual and victims into saviors I Had This Review 95% Written And had this review 95% written and computer Yolandas Genius died because its battery is crap And now it s goneIt was a bomb review Just pretend you read Easy read on history ofisaster planning Good gut check on understand risk and how to respond Starts with the Halifax Explosion in 1917 and explores 911 1993 bombing Sewer explosions of Guadalajara and Katrina Some of the interesting items 1 Initial response in a The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty disaster is always by neighbors or self rescue so be prepared 2 Understand risk of activitieson t watch the news references Taleb above so Heart Attack Cancer Stroke Car accident A study showed an additional 2000 road The Light Beyond the Forest deathsue to the The First Mistake decrease in air travel after 911 So based on that we should all start ouray with 20 minutes of meditation and a bowl of Oatmeal 3 Very good information on fear During a crisis people go catatonic than panic Use profanity and scream to get people to move For an individual military training helps make a plan execute the plan or just uickly think about why you need to live Also Jewelry Making For Beginners during a crisis most people lose track of time or can have tunnel vision or total vision loss Hero s tend to be unmarried males without children the rest of us need to save our necks for our progeny Very interesting story on Rick Rescorla Director of Security for Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center After the fiasco of the 1993 bombing he gave up on the port authority forisaster planning He had actual annual fire rills unlike the rest of the world trade center He was ridiculed by the organization this was a bunch of rich investment bankers But 8 years later he was vindicated when he got out 2800 employees of Morgan Stanley alive Only 14 ied which included himself and 4 of his guards Take aways now the relative risk of The Penguin Book of English Verse disasters in your area practice firerills follow tornado flood and hurricane warnings count the seats to an exit in a plane take the stairs out of a hotel after checking in take Seven Secrets of Happiness defensiveriving seriously Meditate not just for heart health but to calm in a The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, disaster Incredible A textbook basically on all things scary And an extremely illuminating one at thatFor all these reasons perhaps heroes feel a nonnegotiableuty to help others when they can It s something in your heart your soul and your emotions that gets a hold of you and says I gotta o something Oliner says This finding agrees with the results of other albeit scant research into heroism People who perform heroic acts are very often those who are helpers in everyday life be they firefighters or nurses or police officersPerhaps because of their training and experience heroes also have confidence in their own abilities In general like almost all people who perform well under extreme stress heroes believe th. Ects of extreme fear Finally Ripley steps into "the ark corners of her own imagination having "dark corners of her own imagination having brain examined by military researchers and experiencing through realistic simulations what it might be like to survive a plane crash into the ocean or to escape a raging fire     Ripley comes back with precious wisdom about the surprising humanity of crowds the elegance of the brain’s fear circuits and the stunning inadeuacy of many of our evolutionary responses Most unexpectedly she The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) discovers the brain’s ability too much much better with just a little help The Unthinkable escorts us into the bleakest regions of our nightmares flicks on a flashlight and takes a steady look around Then it leads us home smarter and stronger than we were before. ,
The Las Vegas shooting aftermath Seriously The guy eserves a medal and is a walking superhero in health care The next session was on responding to shooters in the work force The thing that both Dr "Menes And The Expert Shooter Response Trainers "and the expert shooter response trainers to reiterate is something I completely agree with But it took my belief from a personal anecdote to something with concrete ata when tragedy strikes YOU are the first responder Not 911 So what are you The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays doing to be ready What makes you confident you are as ready as you can be This book was referenced several times and I immediately put it on my short list to read It s now on my short list to buy Phenomenal book There s still a long way to go and I ve had a method of selfefense for years but this takes it to a whole new level When I sit in a restaurant now I know the exits When I m going around corners I look for the hallway mirrors And a million other small awareness things The book breaks The Undoing Project down behavioral response toisaster propensity for certain behaviors First Flight (Dragon School duringisaster and pushes the reader towards readiness Not in order to instill anxiety in the ready but to instill confidence because we know what the heck we would The Lone Man do IF We ve wrestled thoseemons and we re at peace with a plan Beyond fascinating and practical Highly recommend I rate this a PG 13 for heavy adult material swearing and scenes of eath and The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl destruction An exceptional book about who survives and whooesn t in a Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy disaster Amanda Ripley writesWe flirt shamelessly with risk today constructing city skylines in hurricane alleys and neighborhoods on top of fault lines Largely because of where we liveisasters have become freuent and expensive But as we build ever impressive buildings and airplanes we Voice and Articulation Drillbook do less and less to build better survivors Howid we get this way The I learned the I wondered how much of our survival behaviors and misbehaviors could be explained by evolution After all we evolved to escape predators not buildings that reach a uarter mile into the sky Has technology simply outpaced our survival mechanisms But there are two kinds of evolution the genetic kind and the cultural kind Both shape our behavior and the cultural kind has gotten a lot faster We now have many ways to create instincts we can learn to Sailing do better or worse We can pass on traditions about how toeal with modern risks just as we pass on language This book tells you many useful things about survival human s mind and Aloha Rodeo disasters and I really enjoy the author s sense of humor as well Informative educational and effectively written We need non fictional books like thi Kindaisappointed to be honest I mean it is an engaging read and the her writing style is very readable which is why I m so frustrated with how mediocre the actual content was I think my expectations were misled by the subtitle on the cover Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why From the subtitle I was expecting an eye opening thought provoking book based on scientific studies and statistical research similar to Freakonomics and The Tipping Point etc but what we got were psychological profiles of the Truths We Confess - Volume 3 different human responses toisaster Which is interesting enough as it is but Ripley Managing radical change doesn t uite tell us why people with these particular traits survive or at least sheoesn t really link her arguments and points well so each section feels very isjointed and muddled and the point is lost in there. feels very isjointed and muddled and the point is lost in there. T out "to iscover what lies beyond fear and speculation In this magnificent work of investigative journalism Ripley retraces the human response "discover what lies beyond fear and speculation In this magnificent work of investigative journalism Ripley retraces the human response some of history’s epic isasters from the explosion of the Mont Blanc munitions ship in 1917–one of the biggest explosions before the invention of the atomic bomb–to a plane crash in England in 1985 that mystified investigators for years to the journeys of the 15000 people who found their way out of the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 Then to understand the science behind the stories Ripley turns to leading brain scientists trauma psychologists and other Monster Park! disaster experts formal and informal from a Holocaust survivor who studies heroism to a master gunfighter who learned to overcome the eff.

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