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The Book With No Name

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Ious stone called The Moon eye that everyone searched monks specialized in kung fu werewolves a mysterious man who killed everybody after everyone searched monks specialized in kung fu werewolves a mysterious man who killed everybody after Bourbon and a hitman disguised as Elvis You got it When I started to read this book after listened to my friend s sound advice I was a little bit lost to be honest The beginning transports you in a western scene in a town called Santa Mondega which for all the world is a ghost town who doesn t really exist The first scene is a massacre perpetuated by the Bourbon Kid who killed everyone in a bar after a goddam glass of Bourbon get the nickname After those pages you are addicted or disgusted This book is my Heroin Now So I Kept Reading Pages now so I kept reading Pages pages I was stressed attached to some characters who are absolutely hateful and definitely in want of an answer An answer to what To the omnipresent uestions who is the Bourbon Kid and what is the Book with no name I won t tell you anything about that even if you I won t tell you anything about that even if you torture me By the way this book is not recommended for the sueamish there are some scene that could shock the youngest I found sometimes my stomach in difficult positions during my reading and I am used to that kind of literature However this book was the best I have ever read After the last word of the last page I felt lost ust as the beginning But how lucky I am the book with no name has a following I am particularly fond of thrillers and especially those who can make you feel uncomfortable Those are the best and this is the best of those If you are a movie addict a thriller addict or Im Not Millie! just a psycho this book with no name has been written for you obviously This book isn tust the perfect mix of genre by combining thriller humour and fantastic it is also well written and full of film references like Seven It is the kind of book that you aren t reading but living Every sound come to your hear and every smell come to your nose You are not any in real life your real life is now in Santa Mondega And what a life To wholly enjoy this book I would recommend its lecture with a glass of Bourbon alcohol abuse is dangerous for health a comfortable leather armchair and a vinyl with all the best rock songs ever Enjoy your reading after the last page you ll be dead I saw this book on during a random browsing and was so completely intrigued by the premise that I Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) just had to read it Thankfully the library had it so I didn t have to wait too long I ve heard it described as a uentin Tarantino style book and I would have to agree There are a lot of similarities to From Dusk Till Dawn both in plot and in style which makes for a very fascinating page turner And don t be mislead it sust as bloody in less graphic detail thankfully so don t assume anybody is safe A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just because they seem a major characterThe story is told from several different POV which works uite well in providing the reader with the full pictures we Imagine a story about gangsters Kung Fu Monks an Elvis impersonating bounty hunter and swarms of vampires all living in a world that is a cross between The Lost Boys and From Dusk Til Dawn and not a Twilight reference in sight Do I really need to say anything else to get you excited Ok I suppos. The Eye of the Moon and the men and women who all want to get their hands on it a mass murderer with a drinking problem a hit man who thinks he's Elvis and a pair of monks among them Add in the local crime baron an amnesiac woman who'sust emerged from a five year coma a gypsy fortune tell. ,
E I better had otherwise would Be A Pretty ReviewFor The Full a pretty pointless reviewFor the full please check out my blog When someone tells you not to do something your rebellious side always makes you want to do it right So when I read the blurb on this book which starts with Whatever you do don t read The Book With No Name I had to read itThe plot is a little out there the author certainly has a vivid imagination I m not going to try to explain it imagination I m not going to try to explain it it s too complicated however I ll Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery just say that it s a story of a stone called the Eye of the Moon that is wanted by many of the characters in this book due to the rumour that it has magical properties The story follows their fight to be the one in possession of this stone Specifically to be the one in possession of the stone when the total eclipse falls over Santa Mondega It s one helluva ride and it s certainly not for the faint hearted There are blood and guts galore and it s all explained in graphic detail If that doesn t put you off though then this is a great book I found it a little slow to start however once it got going I couldn t put it down There are a lot of characters and it was difficult to keep track at the beginning however they re pretty well established and so after a while it got easier The book is a hybrid of the horrorfantasythriller genres and the pace doesn t let up once it gets started There are plenty of twists in the plot and the story keeps you guessing til the end If you can suspend belief for a while this book is a must read for thriller fans Carnage The Book with No Name is best described as a uintin Tarantino styled tongue in cheek all action horror onslaught with vampires hitmen monks cops local gangs and a serial killer called the Bourdon Kid It should be chaos it should be unmanageable it shouldn t work but it does Total escapism with a charged atmosphereThe novel is mostly set in the fictional town of Santa Mondega and in particular the Tapioca bar owned by Sanchez Very like a Tarantino film the characters are unnatural and outlandishust like the Elvis impersonating hitman the vampires and the surprising woman who Souvenirs de dbauches just came out of a 5 year coma with amnesia The stylisation is eccentric and the ridiculous non stop pace through the book is breath taking The Bourbon Kid while considered a serial killer with an arcade game kill ratio is somehow considered the good guy and he is when you consider the other characters Everyone who reads an ancient book titled The Book with No Name from an anonymous author is murdered soon afterwards Don t check the cover at this pointThe dialogue is on point with the style it is witty pacey and gritty This feels like a guilty pleasure a book thatust stimulates the senses and leaves you wondering what ust happenedThe Bourbon Kid is also the alias that the real life anonymous author gave himself He was an Indie author that remains anonymous but tells in an interview how he found it difficult to secure publisher contracts but battled through to becoming a best selling author today In total there are 4 books in the Bourbon Kid seriesA uick re read and review update to get ready for the next book and I would highly recommend this one. Er and a hapless hotel porter and the plot thickens fast Most importantly how do all these people come to be linked to the strange book with no name This is the anonymous ancient book that no one seems to have survived reading Everyone who has ever read it has been murdered What can this mea. ,

The Book with no Name fails to live up to it s dubious hype No wonder the author wants to remain anonymous the writing is very poor the plot is uvenile and half baked and the characters are unconvincing I like both plot driven and character driven books but this is neither it Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary just stumbles around and disappoints at every turn If only the minimal sex references and maybe some of the strong language had been removed TBWNN would have been an acceptable book for young teens actually it might well have been written by a teenager While trying to be zany and stylised it sust hackneyed and awkward There s nothing new here and it s all been done better before Only out of morbid curiosity did I keep reading to the stupid end Not even gratuitous violence and swearing manages to redeem this book it s Sherman Tank Manual just really really bad I m not surprised that this book divides readers I must surprised the positive reviews outweigh the bad Excellent book I stumbled on it after buying The Book of Lost Things on and this cropped up as recommended if I liked the other so I bought it If you read the reviews on you ll see repeated that it is about a book and everyone who reads the book ends up dead I have to say this isn t strictly true that makes it sound like a Ring rip off and while yes that is part of it there is also a heck of a lot going on With every single chapter ending on a cliffhanger you ll find it hard to put down And while none of the characters have many or indeed any redeeming ualities you ll find yourself liking some of them anyway its hard not to The book plays out very like a movie which was fun for someone like me who loves her movies and is very like something from the likes of Tarantino so expect a lot of bloodshed But also expect some really funny and witty moments when you ll possibly find yourself laughing at something you maybe shouldn t I loved it I d love to know who wrote it and I can t wait for the seuel which I believe is expected out soon enough and will be called either The Book of Death or The Eye of the Moon I Love Tarantino Carpenter And Rodriguez Tarantino Carpenter and Rodriguez of unconditionnal love This book seemed like it could take over in the litte Very good if strange and not what I expected book Starts out in the style of a Western a genre I despise but for some reason kept me hooked until it morphed into a entertaining complex crimehorrormystery type taleEasy to read and very entertaining I thought this was great I had spotted it on the shelf at the bookstore and thought it was intriguing how there was no title and no author s name I read the synopsis in the back and though Go for it So I did and I loved it Kind of like a Dean Koontz meets John Carpenter Terrific weirdness gore and action kept me glued until the end Twists and turns gallor with it s only little mysteries and intrigues Excellent Whatever you do don t read the book with no name This is the first sentence of the back cover This book is the perfect mix between a Tarantino s movie and a Supernatural s episode If you wanted me to sum up the story of The Book with no name you will be disappointed Nobody can sum up a story like this one Just imagine something with vampires a prec. Detective Miles Jensen is called to the lawless town of Santa Mondega to investigate a spate of murders This would all be uite ordinary in those rough streets except that Jensen is the Chief Detective of Supernatural Investigations The breakneck plot centers around a mysterious blue stone.
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