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Punching Out

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He book worthwhile or me in a historical context By "the end of the book Clemens acknowledges that he doesn know what he ll do when he doesn t "end of the book Clemens that he doesn t know what he ll do when he doesn t the plant to go to every day the routine the 21st Century Corporate Citizenship friends he has made there the simple regular act of work or in his case observing people work And that than anything Iound touching I look orward to seeing what Clemens turns his hand to next I was expecting to read about an auto plant that was scheduled to close and about the impact on its employees After all the subtitle is One Year in a Closing Auto Plant But the plant Budd Company s Detroit stamping plant is already closed when most of the book takes place After the plant closed none of the workers were Budd employees although a couple were ormer employees The author connects with some of the workers but they come and go without much explanation The author says Morale was low turnover was high and I kept my distance clear of the crew s internal dramas Wait Aren t you writing a book about What he s writing about is how an industrial plant is dismantled who does the work and what happens to the stuff inside In the how an industrial plant is dismantled who does the work and what happens to the stuff inside In the picture what the author sees is a hollowing out The Budd plant becomes a huge empty shell slowly imploding as the structure deteriorates It s in a city Detroit that has become an empty shell imploding as its population declines and its society deteriorates And it asks the uestion As good paying middle class jobs disappear will America become an empty shellPretty serious stuff But not grim because of thoughtful writing and the character and humor of the workers They recognize the irony They make a living by eliminating the tools that enabled people like them to make a living But there s a job to do problems to be solved bills to be paid lives to be lived No one is going to do it Sweet Bags for them so they go to work at thereezing cold Budd plantAs America segregates along a widening gap between upper class and lower class it s worth remembering that the lower class is than tattoos DUIs and child support It s what we used to call the working class. Part and sending it piece by piece to the countries that now have use England in America, 1580-1652 for its machines Punching Out is an up close report at once tender and angryrom the meanest sharpest edge of America’s deindustrializa­tion and a lament or a working class culture that once defined a prosperous America and that is now on the verge of eco­nomic extincti. Eally good You ollow the author around while he gives you a history of the automotive industry in Detroit The second half gets a bit monotonous Chapter after chapter of how a plant gets stripped and sold off He does his best to make of how a plant gets stripped and sold off He does his best to make limited cast of characters sound like outlaws and misfits but it only goes so The Economics Of Business Enterprise far Decent read if you re into history orrom the area but not something I d recommend or pleasure Really this is probably only a 3 on the enjoyment scale "For Me But It "me but it an extra star or being a really good concept Breakfast with Anglo for a book Clemens gives an account not of the last operating days of the plant but of the aftermath the dismantling and shipping off of the plant to Asia Mexico or South America where the machinery will be put back into service again oftenor the same companies who used it in its original home in Detroit He spends time with the people who performs this work and goes to great pains to understand and humanize themI ll confess to being one of those artsy types Clemens makes One Big Damn Puzzler fun of in the early part of the book whorom time to time sneak into old abandoned Landscapes of Communism factories and warehouses taking photographs and wondering at what once went on inside But this experienceor me in my case the old railyard buildings in Albuuerue back when they were abandoned also added to an understanding of the sort of vast spaces massive machinery and wooden NORJAK floors similar to the ones in this book that he s talking about It s hard to really grasp the scale unless you ve see them yourself but I definitely understandirst hand something of the awe he tries to create when writing about the auto plantsClemens account goes beyond this one plant to cover some of the deconstruction of the American auto industry Thankfully it *AVOIDS A LOT OF THE POLITICAL *a lot of the political emotional overtones and instead keeps a airly solid documentarian tone If you re looking or a story there isn t too much of a narrative but there are characters and history galore Just the history of the Budd auto plant and the innovation behind the switch The Outside from wooden to steel automobile bodies made E Budd Company stamping plant on Detroit’s East Side built in 1919 was one of the oldest active auto plants in America’soremost industrial city one whose history includes the nation’s proudest moments and those of its working class Its closing also reflects the character of the country in a new era the sad brutal process of picking it .
This was an unexpected delight I came across this after a amily Trip To DetroitClemens Has to DetroitClemens has ear or dialogue and the way people talk and I loved hearing that the stories of working people that don t usually getHis turns of phrase and uotations of those of others were often gorgeous and sharpThe arty delectation of Detroit s destruction ruin porn as it s called I hadn t heard the phrase ruin porn before but it s perfect one of the things I Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, found most mesmerizing on a delightful Urban Adventures tour of Detroit go with Bob he sabulous was his photos of the insides of some of the abandoned buildings we were seeing especially of a sumptuously gold leaf decorated arched ceiling inside an abandoned building which had been converted into a parking garage Bob shared those photos but what he really wanted to talk about was the revitalization of downtown the art scene the young people moving back He was impatient with uestions about decay and I See Rude People for good reasons I see now Clemens uotes an article by Nick Paumgarten on the moral calculus of arty enthusiasmor urban obsolescence there is something decadent about the HVAC Design Sourcebook forma curation of rust and theetishizing of decay 35Although Clemens hilariously claimed on The Daily Show that the book was a description without a thesis he does touch on deeper political choices and shibboleths one of them *Being The Idea Though *the idea though doesn t Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing flesh it out that the ideal of home ownership has not done working people anyavors It s worth trying to describe the isolation surrounding the plant he writes In the neighborhoods just north of the Budd plant 23 to 34 of the land is occupied by vacant lots or vacant houses Enjoyed the idea of this book and still do but it really should be one year in a closed auto supply plant Having grown up in Janesville WI home of "The GM Suburban Tahoe Yukon I Am Well Acuainted With "GM Suburban Tahoe Yukon I am well acuainted with it an automobile plant can mean to a town Having left just a The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, few years before it closed I was lookingorward to a story of the plant employees on the way out what they would miss what t The Ormen i Essex first half of the book is An elegy angryunny and powerfully detailed about the slow death of a Detroit auto plant and an American way of life How does a country dismantle a century’s worth of its industrial heritage To answer that uestion Paul Clemens investigates the 2006 closing of one of America’s most potent symbols a Detroit auto plant Prior to its closing th. ,

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