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[chancellorsville campaign Books] PDF One Hot Mess ☆ Lois Greiman

One Hot Mess

Lois Greiman ò 3 read

Chrissy McMullen is the zaniest I ve ever
well you know what I Her life is simply nuts She is a psychologist and we get a smattering of nutty patients craziness throughout the book Her septic system needs to be replaced so she s peeing in the backyard with Harleuin her dog and bathing at a neighbors house Chrissy and Lieutenant Rivera are still dancing around each other though this time they actually got naked before being interrupted by his ather the senator Yup he just came a knocking on her door And said senator wants Chrissy to investigate the death of a prior campaign supporter which morphs into another death and another a prior campaign supporter which morphs into another death and another I mentioned that the senator is a womanizer and was planning to marry Jack s ex iance Well the animosity between ather and son is intense as is the jealousy Jack is Tough Girl furious while Chrissy is investigating this out of town murder and spends most of the book ignoring her But he comes back at the end when it really mattersIind this series to be hilarious and laugh out loud unny Chrissy has a smart comeback or everyone and Jack s one liners are priceless I can t wait Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation for the next rollicking adventureUOTE There was no telling who I might see today Maybe a mob boss Maybe a senator with presidential ambitions Maybe a rabid lieutenant who made me hot and angry and psychotic all in oneell swoop Or maybe I d meet someone normal Stranger things have happened p140Yup that just about sums up Chrissy s day to day A Conversationally Speaking fun read the beachChrissy has lost her way a little bit What is her profession Who is she dating What is the problem she is trying to solve Who is the outsideorce that is arranging all the coincidences Who really cares As a junkie of series I will give Chrissy McMullen one try and hope that the author resolves her next book better In southern California it’s raining crime and psychologist Christina McMullen could use an umbrella Her clients are crazy her on again off again relationship with LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera has just started heating up again and now Rivera’s womanizing da. ,

Eir budding love affair is placed on hold yet again Christina begins to ind out some interesting things about Miguel s past and the people has dealt with igures out that someone "Is Out To Kill "out to kill and has killed others who knew Miguel Christina has to igure out who is stalking the Senator and maybe she ll be able to use her bathroom again ONE HOT MESS is book number ive in this mystery series with amateur sleuth Christina McMullen There are enough uirky HOT MESS is book number Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) five in this mystery series with amateur sleuth Christina McMullen There are enough uirky and out of this world situations that will have you laughing Christina s life is always off center because of the people she comes in contact with such as Miguel who treats Christina like a daughter while helirts with her to the point that he may want to bed her His son Jack can t stand the relationship she has with his ather and tries to handle Christina in a macho way she can t stand Jack may have the looks and the moves down but when it comes to his alpha like tendencies Christina tells him to get lost But then again she still longs or Jack even as a new suitor shows up D otherwise known as Dagwood Dean Daly is involved in the mob He is the person Christina turns to when she needs help and arrives to save the day so to speak D also enjoys making Jack jealous because he too wants Christina The only sane person in all of this mess isn t even human Christina s dog Harleuin is Christina s partner in crime and keeps Christina A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, from going off the deep end after dealing with all the crazy people that surround herLois Greiman has a great voice and has come up with an adorable character in that of Christina McMullen This was myirst read by Lois and won t be my last If I were you I would go back and read all the other books leading up to this one ONE HOT MESS is one hot read with suspense romance and a Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit few chuckle. Nator Rivera’s distinguished career As she untangles a web of high stakes lies Chrissy believes that she’sound the secret to a serial killer’s underground campaign The killer has a list a motive and the perfect disguise the only uestion is who’s nex. ,

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