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[PDF/EBOOK] Love Illuminated With the Help of 50000 Strangers AUTHOR Daniel Jones

Ng faster Another appealing aspect of the column is that you never really know where the story is going in book form you get all the endings Nearly all these endings are happy or at least positive While They Did Divorce Eventuallythey Stayed Together they did divorce eventuallythey stayed together 15 years ntil the kids left home and that was a little disappointing In the end the book plays things too safe Rather than explore love as the title suggested this book was of a love cheerleader According to the book you should fall in love but in a safe organic and long term compatible way after taking a few risks just so you don t regret not taking risks You should come p with some magically Euitable Way To Share Chores And Last way to share chores and last You should keep thing excited but not in any way that might disrupt anything And you should stick by each other no matter what There were no risks and other than a few ick mentions of gay marriage some boilerplate remarks about how great it is and admonitions about open marriages nothing non traditional Even the story about a 30 year age gap turned into the older man staying by his wife s hospital "bed as she dies young collective awwww please If this is your sort of thing you ll love it but " as she dies young collective awwww please If this is your sort of thing you ll love it but think I ll stick to reading the column Daniel Jones has given s one of the most enjoyable transparent texts on the subject without being overly Psychoanalytic Anthropologic faith based or thank God Leo. Uries we've been trying to figure it out control it or just get better at it As the editor of a column about love for the New York Times Daniel Jones reads thousands of stories about people's intimate relationships the ones that soar crash or hum along from the bizarre to the supposedly “normal” It's possible that he's read true love stories than anyone on earth In Love Illuminated he teases apar. Love Illuminated With the Help of 50000 Strangers

Summary Love Illuminated With the Help of 50000 Strangers

Good compilation of wisdom from the popular columnAs a devoted Modern Love reader I was excited to see how Jones would share all the things he has learned about love Overall a "GREAT READ IF YOU WANT TO " read if you want to a bit me about the world of love and its place in your life The sections on monogamy and passion and cheating were a little off for me but that could just be my own lifelove experience affecting my read The conclusion was interesting do we feel love our choose love Still contemplating that one I ve always enjoyed the Modern Love column in the New York Times I suspect partly because as someone who finds the idea of a traditional relationship with his and hers towels and a white picket fence very off putting I liked the variety of relationships addressed and the fact that as often as not they didn t end with two people holding hands watching the sun set In column form Modern Love works great In book form not so much Daniel Jones has an easy to read style and he does a good job with the overall format of the book The problem is that there s just too much of it and it all seems vaguely familiar It s a bit like watching the movie version of it and it all seems vaguely familiar It s a bit like watching the
"Movie Version A Short Story "
version a short story read years ago you start to recognize things or think you recognize things and since you sort of know where it is going it s hard to maintain enthusiasm particularly because in the reading everything got where it was goi. From the editor of the New York Times' popular Modern Love column the inspiration for the anthology tv series starring Tina Fey Andy Garcia Anne Hathaway Catherine Keener Dev Patel and John Slattery the story of love from beginning to end or notLove We want it We need it We pay it homage with songs and poems and great works of art And when we lose it there's no pain as intense or excruciating For cent.
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