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[Margaret Forster] epub Lady's Maid read

Can t honestly remember when a book evoked so much emotion in me joy happiness resentment anger outrage The writing was so beautiful and so true to the period If you love reading vintage women s fiction like Jane Austen or to the period If you love reading vintage women s fiction like Jane Austen or Wharton then you ll love the writing style and narrative of this book While a few liberties were taken explained in the book s epilogue much of it centers around fact However I was still unable to discern if Elizabeth Barrett Browning was such a selfish mean spirited and confused person as portrayed here or if the author used her creative license to vilify Elizabeth Barrett Browning I m not going to recreate the synopsis since many have already not going to recreate the synopsis since many have already so I m simply recommending it as a truly gripping story of love loss devotion and social injustices It s a bit slow in parts but I listened to it almost straight through never was I bored or indifferent about the storyline in any way Every piece of it is wracked with feeling in some form or fashion Enjoy So many opportunities missed by the author in this book what a shameThe first and glaring one why isn t this in first person The story is in Lily Wilson s point of view throughout so why choose third person And why oh why is Lily always referred to as Wilson Sure Wilson is what she s called by her employers but we as readers don t want to now Wilson the dehumanised servant we want to A Texas Holiday Miracle know Lily the real person I felt the combination of the formal surname and the third personept me distanced from Lily even when the text spoke of her feelings Using Lily in the narrative would ve been so much effective We would be watching her growing devotion to the Brownings yet always being reminded every time they address her as Wilson that they re not as much her friends as she wants to believeThirdly when you read the notes at the end you find that Lily is a real person but all we really 74 Seaside Avenue know of her comes from Elizabeth Barrett Browning s letters Which means that much of the story is fictional If that s the case why did the author make Lily s life so terminally boring It felt as though the author really wanted to write a biography of the Brownings decided she needed a clever angle lighted on the idea of using Wilson and then was stuck with the problem of notnowing much about her life Because writing the biography was her priority it didn t occur to her to manufacture of a life for her narrator than was absolutely necessary And the fact that she could refer to her as Wilson not Lily throughout says something about the author s involvement with her character Fact meets fiction in this story told from the viewpoint of Elizabeth Wilson lady s maid to Elizabeth Barrett and the love story between Barrett and Robert Browning and the most famous elopement in history This Was Very Engrossing was very engrossing readable and a vivid insight into the lives of the haves and havenots and that no matter how much a friendship may develop between both a line must not be crossed I really felt for Wilson and the difficulties she faced in the mid 19th century I m now looking foward to reading of Forster s book. D confidante Lily is with Elizabeth in every crisis – birth bereavement travel literary triumph As her devotion turns almost to obsession Lily forgets her own fleeting loneliness But when Lily’s own affairs take a dramatic turn she comes to expect the loyalty from Elizabeth that she herself has always giv. Lady's Maid556 Have you ever liked an actor in a movie and then seen them interviewed and wished that you had never seen the interview because your opinion of them changed for the worse Well now I am not sure I like Elizabeth Barrett Browning her selfish self centered personality was immense Altho I did find the book sort of interesting I would have difficulty in recommending it to many people the writing is slow so the reader must have a definite interest in period writing and an interest in history This was very interesting until about two thirds of the way in when the Tone Seemed To Change And It Became Very Slow Going seemed to change and it became very slow going was as if all the characters just got tired of each other Lady s Maid is the fictional life story of Lily Wilson Elizabeth Barrett Browning s maid Since all I The Note knew about either of the Browning poets before starting this book was the little bit I remember from high school English I wasn t sure if this was the book for me fortunately it really is the story of Wilson as she is called throughout the book and backgroundnowledge about her employers is not essential In fact being famous poets I expected to see them romanticized but they re not this is an unflinching tale of the conditions of 19th century servitude including low wages and the impossibility of starting a family and retaining work as a maid Parts of the book are likely to leave the reader angry with the Brownings which may be disappointing for fans of their work The book is narrated in the 3rd person and almost entirely from Wilson s perspective but peppered with letters she writes to friends and family long enough that at times it feels as if the book is jumping back and forth between 1st and 3rd person The beginning positively drags but the pace picks up

as the book goes on Wilson travels with the Brownings and courts several different men I found this to be an engaging book and well worth reading if you re interested in seeing life from the servant s perspective somehow all those books where the main characters are served fail to portray the difficulty a servant faces if she dares to want a life of her own And Lady s Maid is also an interesting study in co dependency in its portrayal of Wilson s relationship with her mistress At 550 pages the book at times feels overlong although I understand the difficulty in trying to cover 17 years of a woman s life while including enough concrete scenes that we still feel connected to her Overall I would recommend this book if you have the patience to see it through and still think it worth your time If nothing else it s an honest look at relationships that transcends any specific time period This book did a good job portraying issues of class and privilege in Victorian society It s also paints a vivid picture of servant life in that period and I love servant tales BUT it is relentlessly depressing I just want to put that out there as a warning The back of my book was covered with glowing blurbs one of which said it had a happy ending Well maybe it does by lit fic standards Certainly I ll admit that it ended bet. Young and timid but full of sturdy good sense and awakening sophistication Lily Wilson arrives in London in 1844 becoming a lady’s maid to the fragile housebound Elizabeth Barrett Lily is uickly drawn to her mistress’s gaiety and sharp intelligence the power of her poetry and her deep emotional need It is. Ter than say The Road Yay She The Loving Gift kept her limbs Happy But it ended in a bleakish unresolved spot like the author just got tired and decided to stop there Then historical notes at the end which tell us the few factsnown about her life made me feel even worseAlso while I was content to read this as fiction based on real people I m seeing in other reviews that this book has made other readers think the Brownings were horrible people From what I can tell we The Wildcatter know little of the relationship between the Brownings and the maid Wilson so much of this tale is spun out of the author s imagination from a few facts It should not be taken for gospel And if you want to read this because you d like a juicy insider s view on the Browning s romance don t get your hopes up All that said the story was so depressing I thought it must be entirely fact based because who would choose to voluntarily write such a long bleak morass of indecision confusion and depression I mean authors have choices Iept reading lulled by that false promise of a happy ending waiting for the maid to find her spine Or just fall into better circumstances Or at least to #take action on on the matter of her child I don t want to get spoilerish but what I ll # action on on the matter of her child I don t want to get spoilerish but what I ll a child issue dangled through the later part of the book and to my utter amazement the author chose not to resolve it on the page I read this two days ago and am still depressed Slow Very very slow When I took this book out the premise sounded so promising so interesting The book crawled along and about half way through I Asked Myself Why I Was myself why I was to finish it when to be honest I didn t like the characters didn t appreciate their strugglesWell I did read it all and it started to pick up the pace a bit after I hit the half way point Unfortunately it didn t continue to move along Maybe I just don t appreciate that there were such constraints on people s lives and the need to conform to conventions But I just didn t develop any empathy for these people If it was the intention of the author to show what mind numbingly boring hopeless lives these people were forced to live she succeeded She didn t succeed in making me care about them Lily Wilson is not in her first youth when she is hired in 1844 to be lady s maid to Elizabeth Barrett She finds a seriously dysfunctional family under the complete control of the Barrett father who forbids any of his children to marry When Lily arrives Elizabeth Barrett is seriously neurotic but also suffering from an unidentified lung condition Beautifully written giving a real sense of the relationship between Elizabeth Barrett and Lily Wilson Flush by Virginia Woolf is also worth reading as it covers part of the same story but told from Elizabeth s dog s perspective This was by far one of the best and most engrossing books I read this year Actually I listened to it on audio There s nothing better than a superb book with a very engaging well spoken narrator This book is about Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband Robert Browning But the story itself centers around Elizabeth s maid Wilson A strange intimacy that will last sixteen yearsIt is Lily who smuggles Miss Barrett out of the gloomy Wimpole Street house witnesses her secret wedding to Robert Browning in an empty church and flees with them to threadbare lodgings and the heat light and colors of Italy As housekeeper nursemaid companion an.