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[M.E. Carter] read Juked Texas Mutiny #1 PDF – Epub and TXT

Let me begin by saying I am A Soccer Fan When It S The soccer fan when it s the for the World Cup I lose my shit the way everyone lost it at the Superbowl with Janet Jackson s nip slip Now what stayed with me hours after I had finished the book was how amazing these two characters were uinsy That was just WOW Baby Chance seriously stole the show he was an absolute sweetie 45 stars Cute sweet story Loved the characters I was totally crying at the very end Easy fun and it ept me reading the whole time Soccer player and a new single mom taking her of her late sister s son What will happen when fate throws them together What will happen to the sweet baby I love love a story about soccer players I do not watch the sport but I love reading about sexy soccer players uincy just lost the only family she had left She s shocked when she discovers that her sister has been Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, keeping something from her but she does when she needs to do On that awful night uincy meets Daniel Daniel helps her that night and they have a nice conversation Daniel and uincy run into each other a few days later and Daniel asks her out on a date uincy and Daniel have a great time together and it s the start of a friends with benefits relationshipI liked uincy and Daniel uincy is caringind determined reliable and loving She s hurt and lost at the beginning but she will not fail She becomes stronger Daniel is sporty talented generous caring and strong Daniel has a big family and He S Very Close s very close them He s perfect to help uincy and he loves helping her uincy and Daniel weren t looking for love but the chemistry and attraction between the both of them is undeniableI went in blind and I m happy that it did that I was shocked with the beginning and I loved how Daniel and uincy met Juked was sweet and emotional I mostly struggled with the time line There were time jumps but no explanation what happened then and so I missed development of their relationship I also can t agree with Daniel s decision near the end but he made it right later 45 Footie StarsIs there anything sexier than a man with a baby Nope Well let s clarifya good looking guy maybe with his shirt off with a baby Pretty darn sexyuincy has done some child raising For being a single woman who has never had a baby she has experience with being the mom to a teenager uincy s dad died and left her to raise her little sister Now her little sister has died and she finds hersef in that same spot Being a mom without any warning or preparationMy sister is dead and now I have to raise her baby A baby I just metThat is the stuff of nightmares Or at least some severe anxiety And uincy has by the buggy full The grocery buggy full of diapers formula and anxiety Daniel is a star on the Houston Mutiny Professional Soccer Club He doesn t do girlfriends Only one night stands that The Homing know where they standwithout a hope of being Daniel comes from a big family so henows baby wipes and nipples The The Women of Easter kind that go on bottles And the otherind too uincy needs a friend and Daniel craves stability He needs someone that he can relax with Not worry about pictures getting leaked on the internet He finds a uiet strength in uincy One that calms him One that he admiresI heart Daniel so much He loves his family He isn t perfect He gets scared He panics He tries to help those he cares for but he gets as overwhelmed too Because I believe her when she says she won t stick with someone whose pattern is to run away I guess that means I have to make sure I change my patternThis one has lots of feels ME Carter has proven that once again she an up and coming voice in family romance Her characters are real grown ups with problems court dates insecurities supportive friends work problems and a deep desire for love and family I haven t let goI can pretend it s because I m being supportive of her and don t want her to think she s alone in all this But this truth isI needed to hold onto her as much as she needed to hold onto meJuked looks on the surface like a sports theme romance but don t be fooled There is much inside than just cleats and penalty icks I received an ARC via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review Thank you I really enjoyed this story My first read ever from M E Carter and probably not my lastI loved the story of Daniel and uincy Both are far from perfect and I loved seeing the. Juked verb jook tA slang soccer term meaning faked out deceived confused your opponentSee examples Daniel Zavaro and uincy WatsonAs the rising star in Houston Daniel has found fame as Captain of his Pro soccer team and the city’s most eligible bachelor Daniel has everything – except so. Juked Texas Mutiny #1Ense I also never Heard The Term Juked Referred the term juked referred a soccer context from my understanding it s of an American football thing But I do realize that this could be a locational slang word For anyone who cares this move is called a deke in Canada and in England it s call it a feint there may be another UK slang word for it I can t eep up with UK mandem If you re in the market for a cute sports related romance this may satiate your needs I m still looking for the soccer player book heartthrob who steals my heart Please send me recommendations I recently made a commitment to myself to start clearing some books off of my TBR When I find myself with some reading downtime I flip randomly through my The Power of One kindle until my finger snags on a book and that s how I came to finally pick up Juked after all this timeAnd now I have regrets Because this book was really good It s everything I love about sports romance even beyond the fact that it s a sports romance which is already one of my very favorite tropes What took me so long How did I miss this Why haven t I been reading these books this whole time Juked is the perfect blend of emotional and playful heartfelt and flirty and it somehow manages to be both simple and complex There are some emotional punches for sure and some moments so adorable my heart couldn t stand the cuteness It s sexy and sweet and overall just completely satisfying I might have liked a little from the ending I felt like the conflict resolution was simple than Daniel really deserved and so it would have felt gratifying to have a happily ever after than a happy for now ending from it It s the one small area where things sort of fell a little flat for me But I still tore through this book completely on the hook and completely enad of Daniel and uincy s story What a happy surprise And now I have of these fantastic books to dive into I can t wait to see what this team has in store for me next Shelly 4 Stars I do love me a good sports romance So when I came across this beauty on myindle I HAD to start reading it as soon as possible and by god am I glad I did uincy is heartbroken she lost her dad and was left to bring up her sister An argument between the two had them not speaking to each other Fast forward 7 month and uincy gets a phone call about her only sister being in a car accident When she arrives at the hospital and gets the news of her sister s death a baby is thrust upon her the nephew she never The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, knew about the nephew she is now responsive for Will uincy be able to look after a newborn or will it all be too much for herDaniel is a soccer player with a love of women He likes sleeping with attractive blondes and is very clear he doesn t do relationships When he goes to the store for a midnight shop he stumbles upon uincy crying in the middle of the baby isle Having grown up surrounded by a big family and lots of nephews and niece s he steps in to help her out When a second trip to the store ends up with them meeting again he decides to ask her on a date but with Daniel s background will he be able to stick around when times get rough or will he cut and run I loved every single second of this book but I ll be dammed if it didn t make my heart ache Parts of this story were heartbreaking and left you wondering why the poor girl had to be put through so much pain Daniel s back story was terribly sad I just wanted to hug that poor boy uincy and Daniel s story was intriguing they made you laugh and then cry and you didn tnow what to do with yourself and then there s baby Chance what a cute little bundle of joy he was This is my first read by ME Carter and definitely won t be my last Everything in this book was on point from the storyline to the characters everything had me hooked I m just sad I hadn t read this book before now This book is an OK read for me I thought it has complex layers of emotional Instead the story is straight forward Not much complexion The characters develop OK It can be explored deeper but its not I found it weird that professional soccer player just helped a single mother with a baby in Walmart I mean what is a professional soccer player been doing in Walmart anyway I suppose he has a personal assistant who can do all the shopping And the insta lust is a bit unbelievable Overall I enjoy this book OK But nothing is special about this book 3s star. Ob and dealing with the suffocating grief of losing her sister every day is a struggle When they begin to cross paths unexpectedly and often an unlikely friendship starts to evolve Feelings change Lines get crossed What happens next surprises them bothBefore they now it they’ve been Juk. M grow and develop individually and together as a coupleDaniel is an altogether family man with relationship issues stemmed by the actions of his father and doesn t want to follow in the latter s footsteps Hence he shuts away from commiting to just one woman and offering empty promisesAs for uincy She is the epitome of a woman with the world on her shoulders and yet she is the true defini I now contemporary romances aren t exactly the most accurate representation of reality Despite being a bit of a romantic cynic I enjoy reading them because they re a cute entertaining way to pass time Juked was no exception It was a cute Story And A Great Way and a great way spend a few hours uincy Watson is a hairdresser who s estranged sister has died in car accident leaving behind who s estranged sister has died in car accident leaving behind 2 month old son Suddenly uincy finds herself with sole custody of a baby she didn t even now existed Daniel Zavarro is a professional soccer player dedicated to his huge family bustling with his many siblings and their children however he relishes his bachelor lifestyle as a respectful playboy Daniel and uincy have a couple of chance encounters at their local Walmart and delve into a sort of friends with benefits type relationshipI can t bring myself to rate this any higher than two stars because it felt so fake Both characters felt very flat they were uite one dimensional The story is told in alternating POVs from uincy and Daniel A lot of their characterization comes from how they describe themselves which isn t necessarily a bad thing I just would have preferred to be shown what ind of characters they were instead of being told Interactions between characters felt very scripted and formal this was not conducive to the context of the dialogue the setting itself was generally a casual environment I feel very Mean Girl admitting this While reading I spent a good portion of my time either laughing or cringing at the absurdity I hope you understand what I m trying to say Basically the tone voices and conversation didn t feel real The narration wasn t superfluous sometimes this makes stories feel very raw in the case of Juked I think it made the story feel clinical The writing itself was error free grammatically correct and thorough With better execution Daniel could ve been a total book crush admitting to the internet that I have the potential to gain emotional attachment to a fictional character is a little daunting Daniel was a cool character for one he likes babies and he Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar knows his shit about babies Have you ever seen a hot guy withids Like I don t even want t kids But seeing a fine ass man withids YOU BETTER GRAB THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER Daniel respects that casual sex reuires finesse and that not everyone can separate emotional intimacy with straight up sex He also doesn t believe in disclosing his sexual proclivities I may have no problem with random sex but I do have a problem giving other people personal details of our time together To me that s disrespecting my partner and I refuse to do that LASTLY he wants sex to be pleasurable for both of us and something he can really take my time with not something to be rushed through Unfortunately Daniel had a tendency to be a little corny sometimes I can let a little corny slide but when he used the dreaded but uincy isn t most girls I gagged My issues with uincy mostly stem from my issues with her best friend Geni The two of them made some not so subtle slut shaming digs towards a cleat chaser aka a groupie which always rubs me the wrong way regardless of context A huge part of uincy s character is that she s a new mother and her sister has just died I don t think we saw much of her character growth which I found a little disappointing In one instance uincy described the stadium where Daniel s team plays as being shaped like the bottom half of a soccer ball my reaction was to frown in confusion then face plant onto my desk uincy and Daniel were awfully uick to jump to refer to each other as their best friends That was a little weird to me but it s inda minorOn the logistical side of things there was this instance Mack Shivel decided to be a dick and taunt a forward from the other team Finally the ref had enough of his shit and he ended up with a yellow card Several times If you get SEVERAL yellow cards you get a red card and get sent off the pitch This literally makes no Meone special – and that suits him just fine He doesn’t want or need complicationsuincy has baggage and lots of it After a tragic accident spins her world on its axis she finds herself as a single mother raising a newborn nephew she never new she had Between parenthood her full time .