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[PDF] Jalna By Mazo de la Roche ✓ Mazo de la Roche

A Southern mildly gothic tale with multiple and hangers on living in one grand house Bachelor uncles and lower class daughter in l my Those Whiteoaks A lot happens in this book It is actually the first book that the author wrote in the series she went back later and filled in the history of the family in what are now the first 6 books of the series if read chronologically instead of in published order In this book there are as usual 3 generations of Whiteoaks living at Jalna The oldest is 100 and the youngest is 10 They are such an insular 100 and the youngest is 10 They are such an insular rarely getting away from ach other or the house and this closeness can lead to trouble So interesting to see how my feelings towards a lot of the characters have changed since I read these books at 14 15 years of age What I once thought romantic now not so much First book in this classic family sage series set in Canada Good old fashioned book with lots of drama I read and Student Research Projects in Calculus enjoyed thentire Whiteoaks of Jalna series as a teenager beginning with The Building of Jalna and finishing with Centenary at Jalna When my mother passed away in 1996 I discovered that somewhere along the way she had acuired the full set in paperback Since I had always intended to read them again some day I took them home and added them to my own libraryThis summer I decided to re nter the world of Jalna but this time I m reading the books in the order they were written rather than chronologically So far I think that was a good decision as I don t have a sense of this happened then that After all when we make friends with someone we don t learn their life story from start to finish do weIf someone was considering reading the Jalna books for the first time I would suggest beginning with Jalna as I found it compelling than I remember The Building of Jalna being It s closer to a 35 stars book but I just had to round it up for the incredible depth of the characterizations These Whiteoak people as redundant as aspects do get are chiseled out and stamped with 1000 uirks and foibles As is their peculiar physical mental motional intellectual gifts or voids And the Great Grandmother is classic She s just unforgettable As is her parrotThis was written arly in another century and CAN YOU TELL N from which the series takes its nameThis is the story of two marriages that of young Piers who has created a tumult by marrying. I first read this in my youth 40 years ago and loved it then Having revisited IT ALL THESE YEARS LATER I FOUND I ENJOYED all these years later I found I njoyed A Heart of Stone even in the intervening years I have developed a much deeper appreciation of Mazo de la Roche s fantastic descriptions and characterisations I admire and am appalled by the Whiteoaks inual measures and they make me laugh till I cry I read this book in Jr Hi and scaped into another time and place I have read it times than I can count and ventually bought the Language and Linguistics entire set at garage sales booksales and the internet I want to be part of the Whiteoak family Ispecially Divertimento enjoyed it because my father was from Ontario Canada Funny and interesting to re read something from your childhood I remember going to the library in Helsinki and the the first book suggested by the librarian in the adult book department was the Jalna series by Mazo de la Roche Little did I know that I would be living for a while not too far from the original JalnaInteresting how life surprises you I do understand why I loved the series madly when I was a youngerand Injoyed the Re Read Experience For Nostalgic read Love Is a Fairy Tale experience for nostalgic Jalna is totally absorbing Like all the Jalna novels it is well written and its characters well drawn De La Roche makes the landscape here isspecially lyrical the multifaceted plot Promise at Dawn especially interesting and the many characters of the Whiteoak family distinctive and not always attractive but generally sympathetic and well real The rascally matriarch celebrates her 100th birthday and while no completely happyndings are in sight Jalna and the Whiteoaks ndure So I finally gave in and started reading this series My mother has been going on and on about Jalna since I can remember and she finally bought this one for me at a used books store because she just knows that I will love it And of course I was forced to admit that mom was right and I fell in love with the Whiteoaks This one the 7th in the series chronologically has a lot of characters and juicy drama and it also got me curious about what happened before So now I m working my way through the whole series Which I recommend warmly because you will love it A completely new view on Canadians Who knew about the passion and the drama This really does read like. The Jalna saga unfolds the lives and loves of the unforgettable family whose heart is centered in Jalna the great rambling mansio. Omen and men and animals kids of very age ncountered All of them fail to be classified or identified or grouped or in any iota influenced in onus or in majority of movements or conversations by OVERVIEW In other words they are what they are And want what they want And have proclivities or not as they think or feel them And it isn t reaction to media tech world wide community moral relativity standards or some other we think of ideology Even within their religion it is basically a traditional structure only and something necessary to do all together with ach shifting into a role there And as they are all supported by Gran and Renny they seem like druthers free wheelers in 90% of all their other regards on top of it So the women don t need to be The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery emancipated or feel the urge of revolution to their roles in any other way than those which their feelings and mind likes tend them to lean Honestly I haven t read a series like this in possibly 15 years Notven Norah Lofts or Christie or Mantel gets the Darkmere eyes so perfectly for this particular time And the placement is rather drole and unusual too at that It was to me They are in Ontario and acting as if it were Dorset or Kent and with sensibilities of uite a like mind The people make such gaffs and there is so much turmoil and melodrama between family members that it reminds me of how life was in my youth on a city block of 40 small nearly identical lodgings whereach tiny suare had the usual number 7 or 8 or 10 kids plus parents with one bathroom Very similar Can t remember Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? even one individual ok maybe a priest going to a psychiatrist or taking depression meds that I knew aboutither Lots of fights and immense noise of that AND the making up But without the cursing vile swear words of the present That I do remember Glorious sibling feuds too but don t dare interfere in THAT circle Really but don t you dare interfere in THAT circle Really don know if I will read than 2 or 3 in this series because I so despise the lay about men Eden just repulsed me in this one Why would she have married him for his poetryAnyway old fashioned And totally unwokeAnd as repeating to voicing as it got I read Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den every word Slowly and at times truly laughed out loudLike in that pillow fight within 3 or 4 generations Yes it wasxactly like tha. Without the family's consent and of Eden the poet whose marriage to an outsider triggers a different but ually powerful conflic.


Jalna By Mazo de la Roche
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