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TXT How to Write like Tolstoy A Journey into the Minds of Our Greatest Writers download

How to Write like Tolstoy A Journey into the Minds of Our Greatest Writers

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Ts He doesn t give you banal directives but shows you not only what works but how it does letting you think it to pieces His literary selections are curated with the eye or perhaps the heart of a bibliophile and he s found a way to bring current fiction think Fifty Shades of Grey though it s only mentioned in a footnote in conversation with the really really old stuff think Greek and Egyptian He s also chosen the best example
each case to serve his This is a talent in itself But what s most appealing about the read is that he reveals the mind of the writer which must be attributed to his experience as an editor It s refreshing to read about the collaboration involved the ways in which writers not only interact with editors and other writers but their readers as well The novel is not often thought of as a collective experience and yet it most certainly is I look forward to reading this one a second time with my pencil poised and ready My attitude to this work is ite ambivalent On the one hand it provides the reader with a potpourri of otes and provocative statements from authors editors and critics collected nder 12 chapters 11 actually since there are two chapters on Vision and Revision dealing with different aspects on writing Lots of insights At the same time the excerpts are often contradictory Lots of fun IronyThe title of this book suggests that by following the advice proffered within an aspiring writer might well result in ending Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own up writing like Tolstoy Sounds impressive I would imagine the first step in learning to write like Tolstoy would be to learn Russian but there is no Russian grammar anywhere in the book Joke But on the other hand why would any aspiring writer want to write like Tolstoy when Tolstoy does such a good job of it himself Either way the book includes the suggestion thatltimately any writer should just get down and write Let the creative juices flow And Desire Island - The Niece ultimately you can rely on a good editor to cleanp any mistakes and put some And Sweet Valentine ultimately you can rely on a good editor to cleanp any mistakes and put some on the finished productFor some writers editors are the nsung heroes of their works for others they are the devil incarnateBut even before one has to deal with Editors One Needs To one needs to through to the publisher The Publishing House sually has its own style so there is no point in submitting writing that is not part of their style or output This book does show you what the editor s role is in general not in specifics but the writers Ice Wolves (Elementals, uoted include many and varied writers juxtaposing all types of output serious light horror crime science fiction historical etc Obviously each type of writingses different approaches Does a Some Like It Hotter uote from a writer of one type of writing really relate to another type Yet here they are all willy nilly linked together On the one hand this can be very liberating and stimulating on the other hand it could stifle and discourage Take your pick I d probably rate this a little higher notite 35 especially for the range of examples it s not limited to Tolstoy the title is I don t think this book will actually teach you how to write like Tolstoy but it will help you get into Tolstoy s head just a little bit as well as the heads of several other famed authors ranging from Shakespeare to Vladimir Nabokov Co. Point of view   What made Nabokov choose the name Lolita Why did Fitzgerald se first person narration in  The Great Gatsby How did Kerouac who raged against revision finally come to revise  On the Road Veteran editor and teacher Richard Cohen draws on his vast reservoir of a lifetime’s reading and his insight into what makes good prose soar Here are Gabriel García Máruez’s thoughts on how to start a novel “In the first paragraph you solve most of the problems with your book”; Virginia Woolf offering her definition of style “It is all rhythm Once you get that you can’t se the wrong words”; and Vladimir Nabokov on the nature of fiction “All great novels are great fairy tales”   Cohe. .
Good book to check Enjoyed reading it especially references to all classics and who wouldnt like to write like Tolstoy Brilliant Now I m going to read it again I received a galley copy of this book for review I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book While the book is about how great literature is written rather than teaching a novice to write a chief way for anyone to begin to learn the craft to by reading great writers Cohen has experience as a long time editor and is well versed in classic and contemporary literature I was surprised and disappointed when I finished this book because I wanted This text could be considered for background reading with graduate work I wasn t too sure what I
getting into with How to Like Tolstoy there is some degree of irony that it s difficult to judge books on writing Marrying Well until you ve actually read them Some readers may be relieved to know there isn t an over focus on Tolstoy per se but aseful examination of a range of authors Cohen mostly focuses on literary fiction however I think the material is seful for all writers It was to my surprise but eventual glee that Cohen includes chapters on irony and sex scenes awkwardly going where many teachers don t dare I also have to confess that some of the topics went over my teachers don t dare I also have to confess that some of the topics went over my especially the section on rhythm I mean I get iambic pentameter but what exactly is a dactyl which is explained in text but I struggle with In short How to Write Like Tolstoy might not stand out with flashy promises but is probably one of the thorough and engaging books on writing I ve read I m a fan of books about writing I can t explain why they fascinate me so much but they tend to make me less lonely as a writer The really good ones do anyway They remind me perseverance in writing can heed staying results To write well you must first write badly etc So when a book like this comes along the title was enough to hook me though this isn t a book about writing like Tolstoy as much as it s a book about writing as well as Tolstoy essentially I have to take a peekI don t know if I can express how well this project is put together Cohen has compiled some terrific examples and he s found a way to weave them seamlessly throughout his narrative His book is informative with chapters on openings endings revisions sex and everything in between but also it s an effortless read which means it s not only well written but meticulously so I couldn t put this one down I never got bored even when he revisited well known anecdotes and advice because this one is packed all the way through It s a clever book a fun read and a seful text My copy was from the library so I ll have to buy it There s too much good stuff not to fill in the margins I was itching to pick And the Winner - Weds! up my pencil and mark itp Cohen peels back a curtain then opens the window behind it then leads you out onto the fire escape to where the not so mainstream tidbits rest For instance his section on irony has you thinking about it in new ways He discusses the things that get left out Manhattan Heat using Salinger s bananafish and Paolo Maurensig s The L neburg Variation to make his points The result for me was eye opening Perhaps that s it Like all good books about writing Cohenses literature to make his poin. For anyone who has ever identified with a hero or heroine been seduced by a strong opening sentence or been powerfully moved by a story’s end How to Write Like Tolstoy is a thought provoking journey inside the minds of the world’s most accomplished storytellers from Shakespeare to Stephen King  “Great writers can be inhibiting and maybe after one has read a Scott Fitzgerald or Henry James one can’t escape imitat­ing them; but often such writers are inspiring” Richard Cohen  Behind every acclaimed work of literature is a trove of heartfelt decisions The best authors put painstaking sometimes obsessive effort into each element of their stories from plot and character development to dialogue and. Hen went through several old journals newspaper interviews and scholarly articles that these authors contributed to over the years and then took the time to painstakingly outline the sections where they specifically spoke on their craft He divided p their thoughts into the various chapters that comprise this book and some are better than others My favorite chapters were the ones on first sentences writing about sex obviously and the two part analysis on revising which any writer knows is THE MOST GOD AWFUL yet necessary process in the world The bits where Cohen goes into irony and rhythm were less The bits where Cohen goes
irony and rhythm were less me but depending on your style of writing or preferred genre of novel your mileage may vary I also have to add one bizarre thought If a book of this same vein is published a hundred years from now focusing on the writers of today and their techniues it ll probably be pulling otes from their Twitter and Facebook accounts Zounds Imagine if Tolstoy had been on social media and War Peace was composed of a series of five million 140 character tweets Jeebus Rocketing The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced Wife up the charts to take SECOND PLACE in my all time favourite books about the love of literatureMy favourite remains Reading Like a Writer A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write ThemBoth books share something beautiful a shining love of reading writing and literature An infectious love which spills into your heart and a friendly style so that you feel all at once as if the author is your new best friend and you suddenly love everything that they love Francise Prose made me love Chekhov Richard Cohen might ve persuaded me to give Philip Roth another try and I ve been meaning to get round to Colette for agesThese two books should be read together Francine Prose takes you via the front door of literature lovingly displaying the finished art perfectly structured sentences paragraphs chapters Richard Cohen takes you through the back door and shows you the kitchen and the authors sweating away at their work the troubles of writing sex scenes when and how to plagiarise what s a great opening the difficulty of finishing and rewriting rewriting rewritingThis book is absolutely stuffed to the gills withotes and references it feels like a cosy gossip about people who you desperately admire and have always wanted to be friends with how Hemmingway wrote standing p apparently how authors feel about plot EM Forster passionately in favour Stephen King passionately against what authors are like to edit Fay Weldon apparently wonderfully willing to take criticism it s not in the book but an anecdote that I heard about Diana Wynne Jones was that her editor would tell her that certain sections needed to be changed Wynne Jones would dutifully cut out the offending parts and then paste them all back in exactly the same place and the editor would say it was much improved and accept itIf you love books and books about books then definitely read this one 22 Sept 2015 okay Goodreads I ve marked this book tbr When it is released in May 2016 I want an email from you to tell me it s out You wanna give me a link to buy the book on and I will not complain at all Please Can This Be A Feature I Can Have22 Oct 2016 this be a feature I can have22 Oct 2016 via librar. N has researched the published works and private tterances of our greatest authors to discover the elements that made their prose memorable The result is a niue exploration of the act and art of writing that enriches our experience of reading both the classics and the best modern fiction Evoking the marvelous the famous and the irreverent he reveals the challenges that even the greatest writers faced and shows s how they surmounted them  Advance praise for How to Write Like Tolstoy   “This book is a wry critical friend to both writer and reader It is filled with cogent examples and provoking statements You will agree or arrel with each page and be a sharper writer and reader by the end” Hilary Mant. ,