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Pleasure and Pain yIs isn t a fad diet but pretty solid nutritional advice focusing on keepingour dietary intake hormonally balanced in order to reduce inflammation which recent studies have shown to be a root cause in so many of our current degenerative diseases It isn t fancy or the slickest with lots of bells and whistles but it s doing the job with both me and my husband Slow and steady wins the race As an addendum I just checked out Sears most recent Mediterranean Zone book which is essentially a recent update to his 20 r old Original Zone If I Zone If I going to pick just one I would go with the Mediterranean It has the most recent dietary research which was not et available when this and the original were first written Here s the premise of The Zone much of our health depends on how hormones and other chemical substances regulate the body The two biggies are insulin and glucagon and together they affect how we store fat The easiest way for the average person to ensure optimal insulin and glucagon levels and therefore a healthy weight and body fat percentage is by eating a balanced diet consisting of macronutrient blocks lean protein carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and monounsaturated fatI m not a scientist and will have to rely on Dr Sears interpretation of the data he uses to support his arguments That s just one of those things we non specialists have to do but the idea that food can control how the body produces hormones that in turn control how the body stores and uses fat seems plausibleAnd although ou may think I ve drunk The Zone kool aid a couple of sites have rebuttals to Dr Sears claims taking exception to the proteincarbohydrate ratio and its effect

On Hormone ProductionAlso Figuring 
hormone productionAlso figuring what a block is means there s a bit of a learning curve to implementing the diet The Zone advocates an extremely low calorie diet the benefits of which from my understanding have not been thoroughly documented to date So ou can benefits of which from my understanding have not been thoroughly documented to date So ou can there are issues with the Dr Sears advice Nevertheless the bibliography in this book should silence critics who say Dr Sears is light on the science It references literally dozens of reports from medical nutrition and sports medicine journals In fact I wish the claims and citations Dr Sears made in the book were better noted with footnotes preferably but I understand why the bibliography was included instead the book was for a general audienceOverall I liked The Zone and I plan testing its principles to see whether I can shed my slowly expanding gut. Uidelines based on maintaining a favorable ratio of fats proteins and carbohydrates a balance that in turn stabilizes and maximizes the hormones that regulate our weight and height The book supplies readers with chartslistsand recipes designed to maintain a completely balanced die. Not enough information to actually follow the dietary road map Not a road map like a vague general hand signal in the possible direction of permanent weight loss A dietary book very technological at times Good points to keep in mind while putting food in one s mouth I thought this was very well written for a well researched scientist to explain things in layman s terms The concept of balancing our diet gives me great hope as well So simple 4 carbs to every 3 proteins and 3 fats One of the first mainstream diet books that was about cardiovascular health than losing weight So many books and plans have followed with similar logic but this book was also one of the first mainstream books to associate the impact of food on hormones which links to that have a science background will appreciate the book but to this day I still rely on principles that were introduced to this book Still worth a read and may help shed some light on what other current and popular books are recommending A very informative interesting *read with a sound basis behind the diet recommendations for the most *with a sound basis behind the diet recommendations for the most Modern readers will find his fear of saturated fat and egg olks to be rather outdated but his recommendations for eating lean protein also simply make the idea of separating foods into blocks of protein fat and carbs easier if there s as little fat as possible in the protein sources which is very hard to achieve outside of egg whites and skinless white meat chicken I m interested to try his recommendations Sears explains the biochemistry of food and its effect on our bodies in an understandable way and makes the reader re think what we assume to be healthy eating habits This book has changed the way I think about what I eat and I feel better after incorporating some of his ideas into my diet Following the Zone Diet to a T seems a little complicated but Sears gets the reader to understand why it is important to follow and the overall idea is very easy to put into practice Ignorance truly is bliss though ou might suffer terribly and die an early death The Janitor (The Contenders, you won t be mentally fatigued with conflicting information from Vegetarians vs Paleo vs Wheat Belly vs The Zone vsour cholesterol levels which may not even matter vs The Primal Blueprint vs a myriad of other things Night Without Stars you have to do every day that are called Life I don t have the time to dissect or praise this book Everything I would want or could say has already been said and debated in other reviews and comments Sears The Zone explains in detail the underlying science behind the Zone and whyou want to be there With than 1000000 hard copies in print The Zone has been translated into nine languages and was the #1 best selling nutritionhealth book in 1996 This revolutionary approach to diet is