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Number EIGHT in this series It was only ok Solutions to conflicts seem to come out of Tara s tail I want only ok Solutions to conflicts seem to come out of Tara s tail I want read about Red Dog as she sounds tough This book is after the author presumably had milked that character Zachary Prade aka Alejandro Campos Lily Robbins Charlotte the Harlot A Fantastic story that finally brings piece love to the last lost Steele Street crew member This story was such an amazing ride from the very first page to the last The action was non stop and the chemistry between Zach Lily was explosive The past few books have just been ok for Me But This One Made Me Remember Why I Fell but this one made me remember why I fell love with the series Can t wait for the next installment Actual Rating 35 Stars Cutting Loose still idn t feel like the reason why I ended up loving these Steele Street books but it DID get right back into the heart of it s absurdly entertaining factor There are guns there are cars and there s the hot and steamy sex of which our couple seems to manage over a very long period of time Whew There s high speed chase from California Living danger but no gun fights or explosionsAnd it wasn t until nearing the end of the book that I realized that the entire setting of this 400 page book takes place over the time frame of oneay Only the first couple and last couple chapters are not part of the one So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, day And so that s when I felt a slightly bit impressed because for a book that manages torag out Apart from a little slow Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty down mid book too much technical info overload and too many bad guys to keep track of this latest edition in the Steele Street series was a rip roaring good time It felt like one of the earlier reads from the series the first five are actually some of the best combinations of hot romance and gripping suspense that I ve read I felt like the series was tailing off though with the sixth and seventh books sort of losing the romance and the plots becoming a bit complicated But I m happy to say that I think Tara Janzen is back on track again with Cutting LooseThat being said before you read this book it is very important that you read ALL the books before this one or you will be hopelessly lost Even if you ve read them all you may feel lost a time or two especially if some time has passed since you ve read the previous book like me This book picks up where the previous one left off with schoolteacher Lily Robbins now back in Alb. She's the unsuspecting beauty with something everybody wants He's the secret agent in soeep nobody can find himUntil nowCIA operative Zachary Prade made his name taking out world threats But now he’s tracking a very Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book different kind ofanger and her name is Lily Robbins Lily holds the key to a valuable encode.

Im Not Millie Untitled (Dance of Thieves,
Nd had a lot of Love To Give The Author to give The author t go too eep into his past but what she revealed was rather heart breaking was so glad he found a woman like Lily who although was totally innocent and what the macrame bracelet contained certainly was a smart cookie able to put two and two together and was even able to protect herself I liked that about her and was glad that even though she had people gunning for her she idn t freak out and lose her headI glad that even though she had people gunning for her she Letting it Go didn t freak out and lose her headI liked the little tidbits that the author gave about some of the Steele Street guys pasts I really wasn t expecting to hear about how the sorceress Alazne was linked to some of the guys verrry interestingI liked the two new characters that were introduced Cherie Hacker computer geek extraordinaire and techno nerd Dr Gabriel Shore who just happens to be Gillian Red Dog Pentycote s younger brother I predict hot times for these two characters in the futureWhat Iidn t like was when the author went into too much The One Who Stays (Summer Island, detail about the various computers guns hi tech euipment and even the muscle cars which are almost characters themselves complete with names like Charlotte Charlene and Roxanne For me a little bit of this is enough too much and my mind starts to wander I rather read about the romance aspects of the plot which were very well Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, done It was hard to believe that Zach and Lily s romance took place in the space of oneay I totally bought into it and I especially liked the little follow up that basically happened after the action part of the story was resolved It was very sweet and sexy Zach was just a total sweetheart in my opinion and I really wanted him to have a HEA he Smijurija u mjerama deserved it Tara Janzen has a real knack for making her alpha heroes sweetly vulnerable and I like how they often come undone by a womanSo for those of you following the series this was a mostly fast paced exciting read I think the author is back on track with this one and it has the flavor of the earlier books It also helped that we got a nice glimpse of the guys and gals from Steele Street and characters like Dylan Hart and Skeeter Bang actually played a pretty important role I loved Zach and Lily and thought their love scenes were sweet sexy and hot too I willefinitely start on the next one Loose and Easy soon and look forward to the release of Breaking Loose this summer 4 12 stars. El Salvador to film a Speer documentaryand got caught in the middle of a nastyrug and guerrilla war Now back in the US hunted by spooks and assassins Lily has to trust Campos again Except his name isn’t Campos and he’s arousing a passion so hot it’s criminal That is if they can survive long enough to enjoy it. ,

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Uuerue New Mexico after a wild adventure at the El Salvador plantation of Ultralearning drug lord Alejandro CamposLilyoesn t know it but the simple macrame bracelet that she came back with given to her by a ying pilot from the CIA is wanted by a bunch of bad guys as well as her own government It has an encoded message woven in it some top secret foreign policy shaking intelligence linking Russia and Iran and the CIA wants it back and some various baddies want it their it back some various baddies want it for their reasons and there s a high market value for the bracelet for whoever retrieves it So the CIA send agent Zach Prade to get it The last time Zach saw Lily was 3 weeks ago when he was still eep undercover as The Lost Literature of Medieval England drug lord Alejandro Campos Zach and Lily had some serious chemistry going on in El Salvador and Zach has not been able to get Lily out of his thoughts But his job is to retrieve the bracelet by however means possible He s not expected to protect Lily from any bad guys gunning for her But not long after he arrives in Albuuerue and while staking out her house he notices a couple of the bad guys breaking in He s not going to let the baddies get that bracelet before him and most importantly he s not going to let anyone harm Lily So isn t he surprised when Lily pulls out a gun and blows one of the baddies away herself Seems like Lily may know a little bit aboutefending herself uite a turn on for ZachZach and Lily go on the run A Curse of Kings dodging all kinds of baddies and on the way Zach also hooks up with some people he hasn t seen in a long long time the SDF Special Defense Force guys from Steele Street It seems that Zach was one of the original chop shop boys from Steele Street when he was a teen and he and the SDF s leader Dylan Hart share uite a past Now Dylan and his young wife Skeeter are helping Zach and Lily find their way to Denver helping them avoid all the people gunning for them There s lots of high speed 120 mphriving in a tricked out 68 Shelby Cobra lots of murder and mayhem and along the way Lily and Zach find themselves unable to Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, deny the chemistry going on between themWhat I liked most about this one was the relationship between Zach and Lily Yes Zach was this hardened agent with the CIA used to going undercover for years at a time yet underneath it all he was just a sweet guy looking for love He just seemed like a guy who really needed to be loved D file that’s about to fall into the wrong hands All Zach has too is retrieve the key and forget the rain soaked beauty who came to his Central American plantation seeking shelter from than the weather Lily knows him as Alejandro Campos the seductive rug lord who saved her life They met when she traveled to. ,

Cutting Loose Steele Street #8

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