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ebook Born at Midnight author C.C. Hunter

Born at Midnight

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IeI can t wait to ind out which boy will get the prize I can t wait New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics for the next book to see where this story goes One thing I want to mention again about the cover It s perfect the Wood the Girl Perfection The next one is perfection too after you ve read Born at Midnight The kids at the camp keep telling about this waterfall and that there is something mysterious about it I can t wait toind out what and rom the cover of the next book it is apparently something important One of the worst books I ve read this year The main character was immature insensitive and shallow She compared learning that she was in some way supernatural with her compared learning that she was in some way supernatural with her having a brain tumor All she could talk about was how terrible it would be to have to buy some wigs and that she hoped she had cancer over being not human Are you kidding me The romance was a joke and poorly written I honestly hated it Most of the book she thinks of her ex who was a real sleazeball Then she meets someone that kind of looks like him and decides she likes him Then later a new guy as well The setting was a let down It could have been a lot of un to read about a summer camp of witches vampires werewolves Tough Girl fairies etc Like Percy Jackson or something This was nothing like Percy Jackson The camp was just a way to get these kids awayrom their parents but what did they do I still don t even know They went to a couple of camp ires they drew each other s nam SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK I SWEAR IT HAS EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A STORY This review is also available on my BLOG WERTYTHIS BOOK IS LIKE ONE MASSIVE PARODY OF wertyThis book is like one massive parody of things paranormal I might like it if I was Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation fourteen The plot is very similar to Hex Hall at least up until the point where I decided that this just doesn t worth my timeAnnoying self conscious whiny heroine who thinks she sunny Her life had toilet bound stamped all over itSuddenly Kylie started Conversationally Speaking feeling people turn and look at her Or were they looking at all of them Stupid spineless bestriend The she recalled how Sara had given in to Brad s needs Brad who was *the love of Sarah s life yet within two weeks of giving in *love of Sarah s life yet within two weeks of giving in love of Sara s life had dumped her What was so special about thatSince then Sara had dated Hoot four other guys and she d slept with two of them To Saraitting in waseverything If. Wasn’t complicated enough enter Derek and Lucas Derek’s a half Red November fae who’s determined to be her boyfriend and Lucas is a smokin’ hot werewolf with whom Kylie shares a secret past Both Derek and Lucas couldn’t be different but they both have a powerful hold on her heart Even though Kylieeels deeply uncertain about everything one thing is becoming painfully clear Shadow Falls is exactly where she belongs.
Quando Estiveres Triste, Sonha
CHARM YOU Meet Lucas and Derek on the Bewitched Bookworms First of isn t the cover super super pretty I love that cover and after reading the synopsis I knew I had to read this book and I was happy enough to get my hand on a ARC woohoo Loved this book It s about Kylie trying to igure out who she really is specially in terms of supernatural species Kylie is stuck in between the divorce of her parents and this hits her really hard After being caught at a Party where some kids where doing drugs her shrink at a Party where some kids where doing drugs her shrink to send her to a Camp or special kids There she learns that there is a whole supernatural world out there Vamps Werewolves Faeries you name it they all exists And this Camp is a place where kids can learn about the other species and learn to live with their special abilities and gifts The Problem is no one knows what Kylie is and she hates being there and being not normal She can see Ghosts We ollow Kylie on her journey to accept herself and her supernatural gift and try to ind out what she is She s making new A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, friends a Vampire Girl and a Witch And of course there are boys Actually 3 of them gasps Normally I hate triangles specially since one boy will always loose and Ieel bad Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit for him Plus I normally have a pretty good idea with whom she will end up For some reason it didn t bother me at all here There is Trey her Ex who is a normal human and was cheating on her but of course now realized that he wants her back Then we have Derek the Faerie that can sense emotions and is super gorgeous and absolutely lovely and the nice guy I Like hima LOT Last but not least there is Lucas and he has it all in the hotness apartment dark hair and bright blue eyes dark and mysteriousDerek is the safe choice while Lucas the exciting one The problem is Kylie is not ready to know what she reallyells too much is screwed up right now anyway A dad that Architecture by Birds and Insects forgot her on parents day a mom that is way too cold and then the journey aboutinding out who she is Loved this book Love the secondary girl riends she love the mystery behind Kylie love the light romance between Kylie and those boys AND OH BOY THOSE KISSES ME boy those kisses Me loves good kisses and we get some pretty hot ones in Born at Midnight The book ends with a decent cliffhanger and I can t wait to ind out about Kyl. Campers aren’t just “troubled” Here at Shadow Falls vampires werewolves shapeshifters witches and Microsociology fairies train side by side learning to harness their powers control their magic and live in the normal worldKylie’s neverelt normal but surely she doesn’t belong here with a bunch of paranormal Lefty freaks either Or does she They insist Kylie is one of them and that she was brought hereor a reason As if life. Oh yeah this is what I call an entertaining bookI don t have a deep uote to share with you all or the simple reason that this is a light colourful and diverting story It didn t blow my mind didn t take my breath away or sweep me off my Shadow of the Vampire feet but it sure as hell took away my boredomor a good nine hours And this is what I wanted and needed so I m Statistical Computing in C++ and R fully ish satisfiedKylie can see ghosts Theyollow her everywhere and she doesn t know how to control this gift she has After her parent s divorce her mom decides to *Send Her To A Camp For Delinuents *her to a camp Human Aspects of Software Engineering for delinuents decides to send her to a campor delinuents when she gets there she realizes that Shadow Falls camp is way than she expected with vampires How to Make a Plant Love You fairies werewolves and healers roaming around the place Luckily she befriends Della and Miranda both of whom try to help hereel like she belongs and Cities and Dialogue finding out what she isOh and there s Lucas and Derek a werewolf and aairy who are deeply attached to herI know what you re going to say Another love triangle Like we need any in teen literature And you re right we don t We already have too many of them True true true But you know why it didn t annoy me to death Because it s the type of love triangle that s complex and makes you thinkSo Christmas Doll far we don t know the two boys well enough to decide who is bestor Kylie and also I Dark Tide Rising (William Monk feel like there s a mystery behind Derek s life that the author will be developing in the seuels There sure could have been less romance but when you have two love interests it s hard not to have a considerable amount of romance The writing could have been better too I said that the book is light and greatly enjoyable and I m not going to go back on my word but maybe another reason to that is because the writing isull of everyday commonly used words It reads so naturally and well so in the end it didn t bother me but I must admit it makes some events lack the seriousness that could have been so easy to create and apply to the atmosphere Also there are two camp leaders at the Shadow Falls camp Sky and Holiday but those too lack seriousness as well They The Internet Book feel like campers themselves than bosses Holiday talks to Kylie like she is one of herriends and she even uses the type of vocabulary you would expect a teenager to use Despite certain The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, flaws I m going to say this one last time ENGAGING READ THAT WILL. Don’t miss this spectacular new series that will steal your heart and haunt your dreams Welcome to Shadow Falls camp nestled deep in the woods of a town called FallenOne night Kylie Galeninds herself at the wrong party with the wrong people and it changes her life Fearless Jack forever Her mother ships her off to Shadow Falls a campor troubled teens and within hours of arriving it becomes painfully clear that her ellow. .

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