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A Likely Story One Summer with Lillian HellmanUncanny Class Struggles parallel to my experience with Oriana Fallaci another brilliant difficult writer Rosemary Mahoney s genre bending book A Likely Story One Summer with Lillian Hellman creates a fascinatingortrait of the famous writer at the same time that it tells the story of the teen Mahoney was in the summer of 1978Mahoney was 17 and went to work as a housekeeper for Lillian Hellman on Martha s Vineyard that summer This book explores her experience with Hellman Because Hellman was famous and a larger than life character the book operates a bit as a biography but truly it s Mahoney s coming of age memoirHer father had assed away her mother was an alcoholic *And Rosemary Needed A Job *Rosemary needed a job was about as euipped to be a housekeeper as I would have been at 17 which is to say not at all She had read Hellman s memoir An Unfinished Woman and idolized herIf you thought you knew Hellman you will soon learn that there is a lot to find out The icture Mahoney creates of the older woman is not Study to Teach positive or uplifting but it certainly glitters with starower Under Mahoney s Global Corporations in Global Governance pen Hellman is not a niceerson and Mahoney grows to despise her even so there is some sort of attachment between the two women After all Mahoney was completely unsuited for the job and could should have been fired by Hellman at any moment A very complicated relationship shapes up as the book goes onReading what Mahoney went through with Hellman made me think there is some truth to this expression whatever doesn t kill you makes you stronger Mahoney learned invaluable lessons that summer maybe most importantly not to fear anyone else and to have confidence This is a tough review because I vacillated between a 2 and 4 star which seems strange but here s the thing Other than an excessive use of metaphors it was beautifully and frankly written In some ways it was a good story or at least it held my interest but I would have enjoyed a memoir about her family than one about the famous author I d actually never heard of her with whom she lived for a summerHere s why I ended up with the 2 star decision there was no relief from the negativity The woman with whom she lived Lillian Hellman may not have been the nicest Angels in Harmony person in the world but she obviously had some redeeming ualities since she hadlenty of friends But it was exhausting I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their craft of writing The story itself is ho hum I Sketchy Behavior prefer For the Benefit of Those Who See I was struck as Irogressed through this book with the fact that I switched sympathies from the rotagonist a teenage girl to

The Elderly And Cranky 
elderly and cranky Hellman This is a true story which the author based on her journals of a summer job at age seventeen housekeeping for the writer Lillian Hellman at her summer house on Martha s Vineyard Generally one identifies with the young heroine in a coming of age novel right However this young woman was so self involved so convinced that the lanet ought to be recognizing her in some way and in The Princess and the Three Knights particular that a distinguishe. Now inaperback from the author of the acclaimed Whoredom in Kimmage a moving controversial and supremely intelligent memoir of a bright and vulnerable teenager's hellish summer jobIn 1978 Rosemary Mahoney an aspiring young writer of seventeen wrote her ersonal idol Lillian Hellman inuiring whet. D writer ought to befriend her as well as employ her that I lost atience And thought that maybe instead of expressing her dismay and disgust with the trappings and inconveniences of old age she might show a little empathyOr maybe I am just getting old and cranky myself This is the Mahoney s recollection of a summer she spent when she was 17 years old as Lillian Hellman s housekeeper a woman she alternately idolizes and despises Mahoney is honest and doesn t come off as favorably as her mentor but for that she and her mentor should both BE GIVEN CREDIT HELLMAN DIDN T given credit Hellman didn t that rettily about herself either There were moments in the book that I wanted to sit the 17 year old Mahoney down and say What did you expect You lied your way into a job you know you are not ualified for and you think Hellman should fawn all over you like some Witches of the Deep South prodigy when you don t give any indication of being anything than a sullen resentful childMahoney seems to take greatleasure in describing the aged and withered body of Ms Hellman focusing on her infirmities as if they were flaws in character or a Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) personal affront to Mahoney s own wish for a Hellman who would be her best buddy and forgo her ownersonal taste in food in order to satisfy Mahoney s limited range of appetite There is a revealing assage of dialog when Ms Hellman comments on some of the books Mahoney *is reading drawing astute conclusions from their content about Mahoney s interests that even she did not comprehend as *reading drawing astute conclusions from their content about Mahoney s interests that even she did not comprehend as as a tender moment when Ms Hellman explains the importance of understanding your own mindOverall I felt like the story revealed of Mahoney s immaturity lack of generational respect comprehension of employment in the service industry and the futility of attempting to find resolution for the dysfunctional relationship she had with her alcoholic mother through her contempt for Ms Hellman s drinking Though Mahoney spends a lot of time explaining why she feels resentment Ms Hellman isn t allowed the same luxury yet she is the one who comes off favorably She might have been a real drag to a 17 year old girl but she was a fascinating woman to many adults for the last two thirds of the 20th century I can t believe I m giving such a low rating to such a well written book This is Mahoney s memory of the summer she was 17 and worked as Lillian Hellman s housekeeper on Martha s Vineyard Guess what Hellman treated her as if she were an employee She never invited Mahoney to eat with her or to join her and famous guests for drinks When Hellman was served her meals she expected Mahoney to leave the room not join her for breakfast She expected Mahoney to clean the floors and cook the meals and help her dress Can you imagine that she expected this of the woman she hired to work for her At this oint in her life Hellman is 73 close to blind alcoholic scared unable to do much without help Mahoney is so ungenerous in her Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, portrait of Hellmann so mean spirited it is shocking Do we really need a description of how awful her 73 year old breasts look Is it. Her the famed woman of American letters might need domestic help for the summer When Hellman responded affirmatively Mahoney imagined an idyll on Martha's Vineyard of mentoring and friendship But in reality Mahoney's summer unfolded into an exuisite and grueling exercise in humiliation at the hand. Necessary to repeatedly mention her yellowed teeth wrinkled skin etc And most of the shocking stuff Hellmann supposedly did is far from She cheated at Scrabble Sheassed off cheap wine as expensive wine She cursed She yelled Big surprise Well written yes but so mean spirited that it was impossible for me to enjoy Terrible book Teenager spends summer as servant of aged Lillian Hellman Mahoney seems intent on describing every single line on every single face in Martha s Vineyard She loses Hellman for the trees and the flowers watering *cans hoses lawns shoes and just about everything else she comes across *hoses lawns shoes and just about everything else she comes across summer Too bad I liked Mahoney s book about rowing down the Nile But as much as I was Alice-Miranda at Camp prepared to dislike Hellman Mahoney s adolescent narrator is not the one to judge her This could have been titled I Was a Clueless and Resentful Teenager and Lillian Hellman Was No Picnic Either Theoor things Seems they both had a really bad summer If you have any remaining illusions that Lillian Hellman was a nice The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) person read this book But I think it s greater appeal is as a cautionary tale against hero worship and about the importance of seeking out your ownath however slow difficult and dreary that search might be Unlike some of the other reviewers I m retty sure the author is might be Unlike some of the other reviewers I m retty sure the author is aware of how unrealistic her youthful expectations were I think that s the whole Wilderness Survival Handbook point There is some humor andathos in that Teenagers are miserable by design And as for the frail and failing Hellman well she had her reasons not all of them admirable But this makes me glad I spent my 17th summer safely in Ohio It s funny I spent a summer working on Martha s Vineyard too Cronkite hired me to maintain his sailboat and I had a similar experience Hey you there what am I aying you for my boat is a mess he said one day Yes I noticed that too Wally I said I called him Wally he didn t seem to like that but I thought it seemed a bit less formal than Mr Cronkite or Walter I thought a casual attitude would lead to discussions of my feelings and ideas rather than force us to focus on what I had been hired to do which was to make sure his sail boat remained sea worthy Well could you get some work done why did I hire you I wish you would ask me about my feelings I have thoughts and opinions you know What about my ideas on US foreign olicy Let s sit down and discuss the news of the day Wally I thought you knew about sail boats you haven t done any work here at all What about me I cried and yes I cried a lot Weeping on the deck of the sail boat while sitting in a lounge chair and working on my tan That s the way it is you lazy bum that s the way it is Now get to work What a kidder that Wally was Oh well back to working on my tan I guess Ok I m kidding I never worked for Mr Cronkite but who would believe that I did anyway if I wrote like that I m exaggerating the style a bit but you get the idea I found this to book to be laughable Written by a self centered Visit the Sick person clueless as to anything or anyone else but herself. S of the acerbic Hellman and her retinue of celebrated acuaintances By turns heartbreaking and uproariously funny A Likely Storyortrays the coming of age of a brilliant and troubled young woman a universal tale of illusions shattered and an object lesson in the often misdirected search for heroe.

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