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Gredient characters come to life From layout to text to artwork this counting book takes playing with your food to a new level Response to Two Professional Reviews Both of the reviews discuss and ighlight the innovative use of food and counting Children reading this book can easily become engaged with the illustrations and Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 have fun with the numbers Not only does this bookelp children think about numbers but it also gets them to think about their lives and The Dolce Diet how they might be creative with their thinking after all I definitely didn t think an avocado couldave anything to do with a Deer Before This Book Evaluation Of Literary before this book Evaluation of Literary 1 Big Salad as illustrations drawn on a white background The simple background makes it easy to focus on the elaborate illustrations which are made up of a type of food and some drawing around it to make it look like an animal The font is fun and large but simple and not

Distracting And The Bright 
and the bright are captivating and make the book enjoyable and fun You can t predict what s coming next because the author was so creative in combining animals and food which makes the book exciting for readers Consideration of Instructional Application I could give children themed supplies instead of food I could give them mini cut outs of instruments The children can take one two three etc pieces and make a counting book of their own with their own illustrations This way the children can practice counting on their own and use th. D two radish mice scurry by until finally ten watercress seahorses swim onto the scene all of the ingredients in one big saladMedina's previous. ,

Title 1 Big Salad Author and Illustrator Juana Medina Genre Counting Book Themes Counting Food Animals Picture Book Opening linesentence 1 one avocado deer 2 two Food Animals Picture Book Opening linesentence 1 one avocado deer 2 two mice 3 three pepper monkeys 4 four carrot orses Brief Book Summary This book is a counting book using a combination of food and drawing to form an animal each time growing in number for the child to count Professional RecommendationReview 1 Amy Seto Forrester School Library Journal Starting with one avocado deer and working up to 10 clementine kittens the anthropomorphic fruits and veggies in this counting concept book come together to create one big and Appealing Salad A Recipe For salad A recipe for ealthy and simple dressing is included on the last page along with some playful lemon pigs a porcupine ish dish of olive oil and a flying saltshaker Bird Minimal Text Is Printed In A Minimal text is printed in a font that pops off the page Numbers are printed as numerals and written out 1 and one Great for a storytime or one on one sharing this vivacious book will inspire youngsters to explore the fruits and veggies in their own kitchens Professional RecommendationReview 2 Kirkus 2016 Photographs of salad ingredients embellished with details done in black ink create whimsical arrays from one through 10 Each expansive white double page spread presents a large bright numeral its printed name and a very funny invention from one Avocado Deer to 10 Clementine Kitties The ink strokes are playful and active making the various in. Juana Medina's ingenious illustrations nearly pop off the page in er new counting book ONE BIG SALAD One avocado deer saunters across the sprea. Eir own creativity If I were to use instruments I could play the sounds of the instruments so the students can The Kafka of 238th Street hear what it s like as well andave fun with it that way A delightful mix of photographs of fruit and vegetables and simple illustrations that will certainly encourage the most picky eater to eat ealthier One of my favorite picture books of 2016 for preschool and lower elementary Will inspire igh does of laughter and creativity This is a cute and creative book about making a salad Each element of the salad becomes an animal We start with one avocado deer AND END WITH TEN MANDARIN ORANGE SLICE CATS MY end with ten mandarin orange slice cats My is the eight walnut birds though And the author even provides a recipe for salad dressing at the end I thought this was clever Toddlers would enjoy it as a read aloud though I m not sure the pictures would be clear enough to see in a storytime setting A fun way to count and encourage eating salad This counting book doubles as a recipe for salad and young chefs can elp you prepare this saladWe really enjoyed the illustrations though and the kids ad lots of comments about Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, how the vegetables looked like different animals They also sometimes suggested other animals that the vegetable couldave been for example they felt "carrots could ave been giraffes and turned into long necksVery uick read perfect for toddlers preschoolers Young elementary students "could ave been giraffes and turned into long necksVery uick read perfect for toddlers preschoolers Young elementary students enjoy it too especially if they are into cooking or making art with food. Book with Viking SMICK introduced Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, her to the children's book world and now she's bringinger fresh and innovative take on the concept book form. .
1 Big Salad